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Pike Place Market Good Eats Part I

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A whirlwind shopping and eating trip at Pike Place Market for about an hour and fifteen minutes before the crowd swarmed in on a quiet Friday morning.


It was always plenty of fun to go but parking could really be a hassle; Friday morning proved to be not so bad.

We started off with breakfast at The Crumpet Shop.


The store was filled with people and they were certainly speedy as the line moved quickly.


I usually went for simple crumpet with butter and honey with a cup of fabulous and aromatic tea.


Crumpet reminded me of English muffin, perhaps because both were yeasty and with visible holes (one outside and one inside); basic ingredients were similar.

Texture of the 2, however, was completely difference experience.

The crumpet was crust hard outside, chewy, soft and spongy inside.

I loved their honey because it was very floral with lovely sweetness.

I got the Crumpet Store Blend tea heavy with Darjeeling, it was very strong in bergamot, smooth and floral.

My girlfriend got one with egg and salmon.


I ordered a scone to-go for DH.


Their scone was chewier and breadier than traditional scone such as Murchie’s, and amazingly buttery, dry on the edges and crusty.

The zesty lemon curd was delightful — tart, sweet and creamy.

It was a treat to visit the store and had something unique and different.

The Crumpet Shop on Urbanspoon

Next stop, picked up some Uli’s sausages for dinner.


I got a couple exotic sausages and one of them was the spicy Merguez.

This was a very spicy lamb sausage with garlic as the primary flavor.

The sausage was popular in North Africa, France and Belgium.

I loved the flavors but found the meat a little mealy.

Then we had the South African Boerewor.

The flavor was very floral and perfumy likely due to the large amount of coriander.

The bacon sausage was my favorite.

It was a new experience of eating bacon without the grease, coupled with a crunchy bouncy sausage texture which was wonderful.

The German Thueringer had the best bouncy texture of all the sausages with lovely sweet flavors.


Must go back for more!

Uli's Famous Sausage on Urbanspoon


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