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Eating out in Victoria BC

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Doof Out

Dragon Boat racing brought me to Victoria BC, Canada this last weekend!

We had fish burger and oyster burger at Barb’s.  The fish and oysters were both very fresh, and the sandwiches were flavorful but greasy.  DH and I opted for healthier grill versions of our food rather than fish and chips since we were racing.  We also got a side of steamed clams.  Unfortunately the clams were dry, perhaps because there was no juice.  In fact, it was probably the first time I had steamed clams without juice (I suspected that the juice were saved for making chowder).

Barb's Place on Urbanspoon

Most exciting eating event for me was breakfast at Murchie’s!  Their scones were to die for!  Luckily we were in Victoria, and I was able to indulge myself.  Murchie’s had stopped serving scones in their other BC locations.  I got currant scones every time with clotted cream.  Their scones were light and buttery with plenty of currants.  The currants were moist; sweetness was just right.

photo 1a

We had ham and cheese croissant there and it was ok.  They had a huge array of desserts as well.  Over the years we had tried different ones and they were all good.  Their coffee and teas were great as well.  This year I was surprise to find something I did not enjoy!  I tried their African Swirl tea latte, which was made with pomegranate rooibos tea and caramel.  It was too sweet and it felt like the flavors did not work well together.  The pomegranate flavor was non-existent.  The second surprise was with the flourless chocolate cake.  The chocolate flavor was fantastic and sweetness was perfect.  However, the texture was springy and seemed gelatinous.  They also had a gigantic macaroon with cream and raspberry.  My friend had it and said it was good!

photo 2a

photo 3a

Murchie's on Urbanspoon

We had our team dinner at Irish Times Pub.  The highlight was the crab bisque.  It had strong and fantastic crab flavor with crab meat chunks at the bottom of the bowl.  It was served with a nice touch of Guinness cream.  The soup was smooth and creamy.  We also had Shepard’s pie.  The flavor was good but had very little meat.

One day we went to lunch at 10 Acres.  It was lovely to find a place serving local ingredients, and they served their own organic produce.  I had an excellent fresh salad with lettuce, squash, pickled beets and onions.  The onion soup was great as well with a mild broth and great onion flavor.  Most of the times, onion soups were too salty at restaurants, and 10 Acres’ was a rare find for just right saltiness.  DH had fish tacos that were excellent.  The fish was super fresh and the pickled jalapeno was a nice compliment to the tacos.



10 Acres Bistro, Bar & Farm on Urbanspoon

The second day, lunch was at Ayo Eat.  It was a tiny to-go place at Market Square serving Indonesian Food.  It had a very small menu (about 6 items).  We had the satay with rice, a gado gado wrap and chicken fried rice nasi goreng.  The peanut sauce was thick and smooth, and with great peanut and garlic flavor.  I wish the chicken meat was dark meat for better texture.  Curry sauce was drizzled on top of the rice which was a very nice touch and the curry sauce had great flavors and SPICY!  The nasi goreng was excellent.  The fried rice was dry and well-flavored with spices and shrimp taste.  The gado gado wrap was a new twist to the traditional dish.  The usual gado gado Indonesian salad was wrapped in rice crepe (usually used in Vietnamese spring roll).  The addition of yam noodles was great for both texture and as a vehicle for the peanut sauce!

Ayo Eat on Urbanspoon

The final delight was at Red Fish Blue Fish.  We got the fishtacones: salmon and a special miso pacific fish.  The fish was fresh, prepared very well and portion was generous.  The coleslaw was crispy and the tortilla texture was fantastically chewy and definitely held up well with the saucy content.  The only one downside was the texture of the pacific fish.  It was quite dry and it reminded me of the texture of canned tuna.  The flavors were great together.  We also tried their Pacific Rim chowder which was made with coconut milk.  What a fantastic idea!  The flavor was complex and it had a great balance of sweetness from the corn, spiciness from the chipotle and saltiness from the broth and fish.  The chowder did give me a quick gut bomb which I believe was from the coconut milk.


Red Fish, Blue Fish on Urbanspoon

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