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Pike Place Market Good Eats Part II

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Passed by lovely fresh fruits and vegetables,


and after Uli’s sausage, next stop was Pure Food Fish.


This was a must-stop for me to purchase smoked semi-dried salmon jerky.

These long thin strips of smoked salmon, smoky with lovely sweetness were my family’s favorite.

It looked like we were buying waist belts and most definitely a delight!

My father would buy them and brought them home to Hong Kong for further enjoyment.

Sadly the day I went there, they did not have it!

As an alternative, I bought some smoked salmon belly which was deliciously fatty and soft.

They were not cheap but surely very tasty.

Cut across the street up the hill to Rachel’s Ginger Beer.


Had been hearing about this place for far too long and definitely worth the trip!

I tried almost all the flavors possible (must be more than 10!) and just loved the pungent real spicy fresh ginger in the soda!


Overall, it was still a little too sweet for me, and we found ourselves diluting it with sparkling water when we got home.

Nonetheless they were still pleasure!

My favorite was the original, guava, blood orange and white peach.

There was a special red pepper that day but I could not get used to the strong pepper flavor in a sweet soda form.

Each growler (32 oz.) was pretty pricey — average about $16 with the original cheaper than flavored ones.

Fortunately the reuse program allowed refills to be discounted (I believe $8 for original and $11 for flavors).

We would be returning soon to refill!

Rachel's Ginger Beer on Urbanspoon
Last stop, Le Panier.


Just could not resist the fantastic pastries in this place!

I had shown retrain and only bought chocolate croissant, peach tart and chocolate mousse cake to share with DH.


The chocolate croissant was top-notch of flaky goodness with delicious chocolate pieces.

I loved the peach tart — lovely aromatic cooked peach on top of creamy smooth custardy pastry cream containing in a very buttery and crumbly crust, studded uniquely with chopped pistachio.

The chocolate mousse was supreme — not sweet at all and extremely chocolatey.

Every bite was decadent chocolate that managed to still be light and non-cloying.

Every piece of pastry, every loaf of bread and each sandwich looked so appetizing, everyone bound to be able to find something they would like here.

Le Panier on Urbanspoon


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