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Le Pichet Revisited and GMO labeling

In Eating Out, Food, Politics on July 22, 2013 at 19:49

Doof Out

It was wonderful to visit Le Pichet again.  It had been a very long time.

Loved the great baguette with really delicious room temp butter (the refrigerated butter some places served really put a damper in the bread eating experience!  By the time I was able to smear butter on my bread, I would already destroy the bread itself!).

We had brandade for appetizer.  It had great flavors (although it was on the runny side), and the bread was grilled nice and crisp.


I got the special octopus and it was excellent!  The octopus was very tender and in a lovely saffron broth.  It was light and delicious.


DH got the no-thrill, wonderfully fresh and tender whole grilled trout.  The natural sweetness of the fish was fantastic.


Doof politics

Initiative 522, the labeling of genetically modified food, will be on the WA ballot in November this year.  As consumer, I believe we have the right to know when our food contains genetically modified or engineered ingredients or that it comes from genetically modified organisms.  When the food is properly labeled, consumers can make an informed decision on our food choices.

However, there are flaws in I522. Plenty of products including dairy products, alcohol or meats are exempted from labeling (if the animals themselves are genetically modified, labels will be needed, but if the animals eat GM feeds, labels are not required).  I wish these products will be included as well.

I believe I-522 is a good start for consumer.  Perhaps more aggressive approach can be taken in the future to encompass all foods that are genetically engineered or modified.

To read about stories from both sides, here they are: “Yes on 522” and “No on 522

Doof Home

Smoothie of the day: carrot, apple, watermelon, ginger, aprium

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