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Eating Out in Bali, Indonesia: Nasi Kuning, Bergedel, Desserts

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Doof Out

First time ever in Indonesia and we stayed in Bali.

I really enjoyed our stay there even though we were being more tourists without locals (as in friends) guiding us.


Food suffered a little unfortunately (the towns were not too easy to get around since there was no public transportation, and DH was still on crutches), but there were still plenty of highlights.

The best was starting our days with ginormous breakfast!

The very first day, I had bergedel with urab as the appetizer (yes, appetizer for breakfast!)


Bergedel was the round white patty in the middle layer in the picture — a potato and fish patty with soft, pleasant savory flavor hinted with onion and spices

Urab was a traditional Balinese cooked vegetable mix usually composed of bean sprouts, green beans and grated coconut and other spices, which was absolutely delicious and at the bottom of the bergedel on the plate.

I was thoroughly impressed with the freshness of the ingredients, and the spices were used in such a balance way that they worked well with each other.

My main course for breakfast was Nasi Kuning.


What wonderful memory it brought back!

Nasi Kuning was a rice dish with egg, roasted coconut, teri kacang (an anchovy and peanuts mixed and fried together) and shredded chicken.

The unique part was the rice itself — sometimes called yellow rice, was made with turmeric, coconut and ginger or other spices.

My family used to frequent an Indonesia restaurant in Hong Kong when I was growing up, and we only went there on Sundays — when they served yellow rice in a large wooden bucket!

It was one of my grandfather’s favorite dish.

This Nasi Kuning was delicious; the egg was lightly fried with a crisp skin, the rice was sweet, coconuty and gingery; added on top was lots of texture from the shredded coconut, anchovies, peanuts and chicken.

I could have this for breakfast every day!

We got to try some sweets as well in the afternoon.


A less traditional apple pancake (the green one made with pandan leaf), and very traditional coconut cakes (with layered chocolate flavors, the brown one in the middle) and black rice pudding in a banana leaf cup.

The spring roll was lumpia.

My favorite was the coconut cake (kue lapis tepung beras)– I called them coconut cake because the most prominent flavor was coconut; however, it was made with rice flour or sago flour.

Ours had chocolate addition in the brown layer, so it had lovely chocolate flavor in it as well as coconut.

The texture was just excellent,  chewy and soft at the same time.

The black rice pudding was really cooked black rice with coconut milk.

I always like black rice, its stickier and chewier texture in many ways were more fun to eat then the regular brown and white rice.

It was said that black rice also had higher nutritional value.

We also had these amazingly spicy ginger lemongrass tea that tasted so good!


It was strong and definitely packed a punch and I loved them.

I want to make that at home!

Everything was really great and fresh; even we were not hunting for food, they were great and delicious!

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