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Pomegranate Bistro

In Eating Out, Food on August 30, 2013 at 14:58

Doof Out

One of the few good American restaurants on the Eastside.

I have been to Pomegranate Bistro plenty of times since they opened.  Never disappointed.

Food has always been delicious and fresh.  I love that their menus change with seasons.  Although sometimes dishes that I like disappeared.

First thing when I got into the store was to purchase my favorite cherry chocolate scones.


They were the only other scones I would purchase and consumed aside from Murchie’s (see post on “Eating out in Victoria BC“).

Their scones were not as soft and fluffy as Murchie’s, but the flavors were very good, particularly the deep dark chocolate with the chewy dried cherries.

They often sold out of this particular flavor scones as well.

The three of us shared a firebread (Thai peanut lime flank steak), salad (Dueling Wedges) and calamari appetizer.


The firebread was tasty with fresh ingredient and tender flank steak on top.

After having Veraci’s pizza though, the firebread was not quite up to par.


The dueling wedges was a fun presentation on lettuce salad two ways.

One side with buttermilk dressing with bacon and egg, the other side with tomatoes and cucumber with a sweet onion dressing.

Vegetables were crisp and fresh, and the dressing were light and packed with flavors.

Lastly the calamari.  They were fried crisp, tender and very flavorful.  Perfect.

The coating was not thick and had spices on them.  It was served with fried artichoke as well.

I wish the dipping sauce would be something a little more tangy.

All in all, delicious meal with great company!

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