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Veraci Pizza and Dish Washer Detergent

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Doof Out

Veraci Pizza was delicious!  My friend had told me about them for a while just did not get a chance.

Veraci pizza is a travelling wood oven pizza mobile that goes around to many neighborhood farmers market.


I had the special of the day: the New Yorker without cheese.  It was supposed to contain sausages, red peppers, onions, provolone and their three cheese blend.

The lady was very nice and asked if they could substitute other veggies or meats for me since my pizza would be cheese-less.  I opted for mushrooms and tomatoes.

The pizza crust was thin, crisp at the bottom but chewy at the same time.  The whole wheat dough also had a hint of sweetness.

The tomato sauce was a sweet sauce more than tart and very delicious.

Generous amount of toppings with fresh tomatoes and peppers, and very sweet onions.  With the addition of sausage, it had just right amount of saltiness.

Flavors were balanced and I could still appreciate the individual ingredients separately.

Who would know such a simple plate would make my day?

Doof Home

This entry of Doof Home is inedible but closely related to food we eat at home everyday!  This is about automatic dish washer detergent.

Dish washer detergent affects the healthiness of our food because it leaves residue on our bowls, plates and utensils after a wash.

If any of the detergent ingredient is harmful to our bodies, we will consume it the next time food gets on the plate.

There is also the environmental impact of the detergent as it drains downstream affecting marine lives and its ecosystem.

Some common brands such as Cascade has most of their products rated D or F on EWG.

It has ingredient such as alcohol alkoxylates that may have been linked to cancer, or has developmental and reproductive effect; or zinc sulfate that is harmful to marine lives.

For the longest time, I used Trader Joe’s dishwashing Environmentally sound automatic dishwashing detergent powder.  My thought was that it was green and it couldn’t be bad.


EWG had not caught up with testing/analyzing, and no result was available to guide the purchase in the past.  Recent result has been posted and shows that this particular Trader Joe’s product is rated a D.   It contains chemicals that are of high concern in affecting endocrine system or even respiratory system.

The TJ dishwashing powder is cheap (around $3.50 for ) but not worth the risk.

After researching, I landed with Nice!  EWG only has result on their single dose packs (15 single dose, total 9.52 oz. for $3.99).

I did not purchase the single dose due to price.  I went for their box detergent powder.

I check the ingredient this time and It contains sodium carbonate (rated A ingredient), sodium silicate (rated B) and enzymes (rated B).  Clean and simple.

The only ingredient difference between the single use and the box is sodium silicate.

I assume that at worst, the product will receive a B grade, which is still an improvement from TJ’s.  It is $4.39 for 75 oz. (which is half the price from another grade A product, Seventh Generation’s automatic dishwasher powder).

Most importantly, it cleans as well as the TJ dishwashing powder (I used Method’s in the past and it did not clean well.  Perhaps they have changed their formulation since I last used them, but their dish washer products have C grades) .

Little did I know that Nice! is Walgreen’s own brand and only available in Walgreen stores.

  1. Yikes I never thought about how the residue is something we end up consuming!

    It looks like the Kirkland Signature dishwasher gel we use gets a C overall. There’s a B option as well… I’ll have to look for it the next time we go to Costco.

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