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International District Finds – World Pizza and Mike’s Noodle

In Eating Out, Food on June 9, 2014 at 13:52

Every time I passed by World Pizza I was already full from dim sum lunch at Jade Garden.


Not this time!

Armed with my empty stomach, I was quickly drawn to the store with its fantastic pizza aroma.

Store was small, with a counter selling pizza by the slice.

There was also a seating area with tables for consuming pizzas in-house.

Upon checking out what laid under the glass counter top, I was strangely attracted to this pizza that had brilliant bright green chunks on it!


Turned out, it was wasabi marinated pineapple chunks!

The pizza also had pickled sweet peppers on it and it was definitely one of the very interesting pizza eating experience.

I got “spiciness” attack from all directions:  the fairly spicy attack on the tongue by the sweet pickled peppers and the nose attack from the wasabi.

Every bite was sweet, pungent and vinegary at the same time.

The wasabi also gave a very grassy flavor to the pizza.

The second slice I got was the potato roasted garlic pizza.


I loved this vegetarian pizza with very tender potatoes and sweet roasted garlic.

Flavored with lots of black pepper and lovely dried herbs of mainly thyme, it was very delicious.

The pizza crust was very dense, not bready nor fluffy — felt like it was made with whole wheat — very hearty and rustic.

Good amount of cheese that was slightly browned which I loved and accompanied with sweet tomato sauce, the pizzas were a very enjoyable lunch!
World Pizza on Urbanspoon

I visited Mike’s noodle when I had craving for Cantonese style wontons and could not conveniently be in Vancouver BC.


This tiny store did very brisk business.

They had the best wontons and also Cantonese style dumplings in the Greater Seattle area.

I usually ordered the wontons with rice noodle as unfortuantely their egg noodle was no Michigan’s.

They were still very good but just not as bouncy.

The rice noodle were always cooked to perfection.


The wontons were pretty big with thin wrapping and small crunchy shrimps plus nicely marinated, peppery, tender pork with a little fat.

The soup, however, seemed to have changed from what I recalled.

It used to have more of the authentic fish flavor in the soup;  now it only had a hint of fish and was too salty.

The day when I was there for lunch, I ventured out to try their squid balls but was disappointed — flavor was decent but very soft texture without the bouncy chew or crunchiness of really good fish or squid balls.

Mike’s noodle’s congee, or rice porridge, was also one of the better ones in the Seattle area.

Not too runny nor too thick, it was creamy with very simple flavors.

I liked the fish congee with tender fish fillet and ginger; and the version with creamy thousand-year old eggs and well salted pork.

Mike’s noodle was my go-to spot for wontons and congee here at home.
Mike's Noodle House on Urbanspoon


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