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Dim Sum

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When it comes to dim sum, Jade Garden in the Seattle International District is the place to go.

It is still a step behind Vancouver BC dim sum level; I believe it is the best in our town.

As many Chinese restaurant establishments, the place is not pretty, but the food is certainly good.

There is always long lines during lunch dim sum hours, but it is worth the wait.

Long lines can be avoided in the early mornings.  Jade Garden opens at 9am every day.

At home in Hong Kong, dim sum restaurants open at 6am.

It is a flexible breakfast to lunch affair.

Long lines also means food turn over quickly at Jade Garden and the food are hot.

Jade Garden serves their dim sum the old style, with steamed carts and cold carts.

Newer style dim sum restaurants in Vancouver or Hong Kong serves their dim sum by order.

The steam carts contain the dim sum staples of shrimp dumpling, shu-mai (pork dumpling), beef balls, steamed bbq pork buns, steamed spare ribs, sticky rice to the more adventurous tripes, chicken feet and cow’s stomach.


The cold carts contain vegetable, turnip cakes, stuffed eggplant or peppers, rice crepes with shrimp, bbq pork or mushroom, noodles etc.


Some of my favorites are the salt and pepper fried calamari, honey garlic beef ribs, honey walnut prawns, and my friends like desserts such as steamed fermented sweet rice cakes, fruit tart, mochi with lotus paste etc.


When we have vegetarian friends with us, we also order salt and pepper tofu, which is not on the dim sum menu.

On the opposite vegetarianism, we also ordered excellent salt and pepper chicken wings as well on occasion.

My dragon boat team goes to Jade Garden after every weekend practice.

On very cold days, we ordered soup such as fish maw crab soup or “west lake” beef soup to accompany the dim sum.

Jade Garden also makes fantastic noodles.

I love the mixed meat pan-fried crispy noodles, and enjoy that with red vinegar.

We had this crispy noodle with pickled vegetables, beef and bean sprouts which was delicious as well.

Having dim sum is such a wonderful eating experience with a large group – the ability to sample everything with a bite.

I have gone dim sum with 4 people, the experience was just very different.

I was full already before getting to every dish that I like.

Jade Garden offers terrific food for a very good price.

Having dim sum on the eastside easily costs 50% more on the bill with comparable or sometimes inferior food.

it is completely worth-while to wait in line for my dim sum craving!

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  1. You never have to wait! Hahaha.

    I’m simply amazed at the variety dim sum has to offer. I totally agree that it is best devoured by a group of friends so everyone gets to sample and then order more of their favorites!

    OMG, I’m having a craving…

  2. […] The only place on the eastside I would attempt dim sum was Top Gun; however, it also came with a high price tag especially when compare to my favorite place in the International District – Jade Garden. […]

  3. […] Top Gun serves dim sum for lunch and it is the only eastside restaurant I am willing to go for dim sum; it is however, with eastside price tag as well, especially compare to our usual dim sum fort, Jade Garden. […]

  4. […] Every time I passed by World Pizza I was already full from dim sum lunch at Jade Garden. […]

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