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Brunch Spots — Serious Biscuits and Local 360

In Eating Out, Food on June 27, 2014 at 11:01

Had a quick brunch at Local 360 in Belltown.


Loved the décor in the restaurant with a little Western feel.

Local 360 was a sustainable restaurant and sourced locally for their ingredients.

The menu was fairly extensive and the rabbit pot pie caught my eye and along with it, could not pass on the fried chicken and waffle.

Service was fast and friendly.

The rabbit pot pie looked stunning upon arrival.


It was very creamy and rich, a little on the heavy side for me; but I loved the lean gaminess from the rabbit.

I wish there was more rabbit meat — only a few pieces were swimming around in the sauce.

The pie crust floating on top of the sauce was very buttery, flaky, and delicious.


The fried chicken had good flavor and tender; there was a hint of spiciness in the coating and was made deliciously.

I loved that the waffle which was made with corn meal, it gave great corn flavor and gritty texture that was interesting and rustic; the down side was that the waffle was a little dense and soggy.

The flavors were there for the dishes but were not perfect.

There were quite a few items on the dinner menu that sparked my interest: PB&J bon bons, crispy pigs ears and smoked pork shank.

Even though their brunch had not wowed me, I would be interested to give dinner a try.

Local 360 on Urbanspoon

I had been wanting to stop at Serious Biscuit for quite a long while.

We were in a hurry, and got 3 biscuits to go: fried chicken, catfish and vegetarian frittata.

First, the biscuit.  I was disappointed.

The biscuits were hard and certainly not as fluffy as Morsel’s, it felt like the biscuits were in the oven just a little too long.

Overall flavors of all the biscuit dishes were good.

My favorite was the catfish with green olive tartar.


The catfish was in a form of a catfish cake — very tender with herbs, and the light crunchy coleslaw contrasted the texture of the fish brilliantly, and no doubt, the catfish was the star.

My second favorite was the truffled frittata with tomato caper relish and arugula.


The frittata was on the denser side with mild truffle flavor and smooth texture.

It paired really well with the tangy tomato caper relish and the spiciness of the arugula.


The fried chicken one was smothered with black pepper tabasco gravy.

The chicken itself was delicious with soft meat; edges of the chicken pieces was a little over-fried and dry but it was well marinated with garlic.

The black pepper tabasco gravy had fantastic flavor but a little chalky to the mouth.

I would head back to Morsel when I crave biscuits.
Serious Pie and Biscuit on Urbanspoon


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