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Granville Island

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Granville Island — one of the touristic highlights of Vancouver BC.

Especially around this time of the year when the Pacific Northwest had beautiful sunny days and gorgeous colors in our surrounding.


The market was bountiful and vibrant with abundance of produce.




Seafood were other highly prized items from the Northwest.


Many food vendors also occupied the market.

Pastry shops….



Specialty pie shop…


We bought lunch at Laurelle’s Fine Foods.


The salmon pie was good with a tangy fresh beet salad.


Unfortunately my own Shepherd’s pie was better than theirs — of course I am biased!


The filling was not tomato-ey or herby enough and the mashed was a little hard and dry.

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Found ChocolaTas in the Public Market after lunch.


A few of the pieces were interesting: Kyoto cherry rose and rooibos tea. 


Their dark chocolate ganache were smooth and with lovely roasty chocolate flavors.

The Kyoto cherry rose was very nice with a hint of cherry, green tea like flavor and hint of rose.

Flavors were just right and subtle; allowing the characters of chocolate to shine.

The rooibos tea flavor in the ganache was too light and unnoticeable.

ChocolaTas might not be Thomas Haas level great, but still enjoyable.

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Seattle Yakitori 4649

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Doof Out

I was looking forward to try 4649 since there was not that many yakitori place in Seattle and the ones around were not that great.

Usually when I am truly craving for yakitori, I will take the trip to Vancouver BC’s Zakkushi.

Our party decided to have small plates to maximize trying different items on the menu.

We got okonomiyaki, another of my favorite Japanese food that had no representation in Seattle; an avocado tempura that my friend was keen to experience; a Hokkaido style fried chicken and a pan seared wild salmon with butter miso sauce.

We ordered an array of skewers to try:  mochi with bacon, japanese shishitou peppers, chicken skin, beef round with diakon and ponzu, pork belly with plum sauce, chicken thigh with 4649 spice and a tsukune (a kind of chicken meat ball formed long on a skewer) with yuzu citrus butter.

The okonomiyaki was decent, but not close to the real ones in Japan nor from Izumiya at Japan town in San Francisco.


The Hokkaido style fried chicken was not what I expected.


The flavor of the chicken was great, but the texture was not crisp and yet not soggy; it was an in between texture that I did not care for.

I found the avocado tempura very interesting.


My friend who was keen to try it actually ended up not enjoying it as much as I did.

A whole avocado with skin was fried to perfection.

The warm avocado flesh was buttery and flavorful;  most surprising was the skin.

Contrary to my encounter with raw avocado skin that was so tough, it was edible and soft after frying.

The miso salmon was delicious and the cabbage at the bottom of the plate that soaked up all the sauces were the best.

Of all the skewer, the tsukune was the best with tender and crunchy texture; our option of yuzu citrus butter was light and wonderful.

L: mocha skewer with bacon - R top: shishitou peppers - R bottom: beef with daikon and ponzu sauce

L: mocha skewer with bacon – R top: shishitou peppers – R bottom: beef with daikon and ponzu sauce

The Japanese shishitou peppers were sweet and tasty, perfectly grilled with some light charred flavor without being burnt.

The pork belly and beef were tougher and drier than my liking.

L: miso butter salmon - R top: tsukune with yuzu butter - R middle: chicken skin - R bottom: chicken thigh with 4649 spice

L: miso butter salmon – R top: tsukune with yuzu butter – R middle: chicken skin – R bottom: chicken thigh with 4649 spice

The flavors of all three of the meat skewers, chicken thigh, beef and pork, were not through and through as if the meats were grilled separately and sauces/flavoring were put on top; the meats were fairly bland.

The mochi was disappointing as it had no flavor and was completely bland.

It looked like the mochi came straight out of the box from Japanese grocery store as it was still in its rectangular shapes.

The chicken skin skewer was also a disappointment as the skins were not crisp at all.

I was introduced to this lovely sparkling peach flavored sake at the restaurant.


It was one of those deadly drinks that one could have large amount of and got drunk without realizing.

When we were there, lots of folks were having ramen, perhaps it was the dish to try there?

Unfortunately, I will still need to make the trip to Vancouver BC for yakitori in the near future.

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Teppanyaki, Nitrogen Ice Cream and 3D Foam Art

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Doof Out

Got a fantastic short food tour of Tsim Sha Tsui.  Thanks MS!!

I had requested to have teppanyaki, since I could not get proper ones in the Seattle area (Benihana is NOT teppanyaki!!)

Couple months ago, I finally broke down and went to Gyu King in Vancouver BC.

It certainly was not wow, and the food was delicious due to the large quantity of butter used.

Nonetheless, it was enough to satisfy a long craving.

My friend brought me to Akita Teppanyaki 秋田鐵板燒刺身專門店  in Kowloon.

We got a 2 people set lunch and started with salad and this delicious steam egg.

It was cooked over the “teppan” (literally means iron slab) by steaming the eggs under cover.

The cook diligently added water onto the teppan to make sure there was enough steam to cook the eggs properly; resulting in a very smooth, soft egg.


We ordered abalone and oysters on the side, fresh and delicious.


The set came with shrimp that was crunchy and sweet.

We had steak and also my favorite, thin slice beef wrapped with garlic and green onion.


The meats were followed by vegetables and this fantastic looking fried rice.

It was dry, fluffy and it was definitely fusion of Chinese and Japanese as it had dried shrimps in it.

Really delicious.


Then on the street, we walked past this ice cream place – Lab Made.


Super fun!

They poured the ice cream mix at the bottom of the kitchen aid, set it to stir, then poured liquid nitrogen into the bowl.


The resulting ice cream was extremely smooth and melted in the mouth really quickly.

It felt lighter than gelato and super refreshing.


They offered about 4-5 flavors and rotated them over time.

I got the Earl Grey with fantastic tea flavor, and it literally felt like I had a frozen cup of milk tea with no ice crystal.

Lastly, a cup of cappuccino – but with 3D foam art at Allegretto Viva Espresso!!


It was soooo cute!

It took the barista almost 15 minutes to make my coffee but totally well worth the wait!

I carefully drank and savored the cappuccino.

What a wonderful afternoon!!!

Cupcakes and Pineapple Cakes

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Doof Home

My friend (thanks VN!) bought the delicious Vancouver Asian cupcakes again from Luv Cravings!


This time, we had Asian flavors such as lychee, taro, black sesame and tropical (pineapple, coconut and banana). There were also classic flavors of red velvet, chocolate and coffee.  Our friend bought us green tea flavor last time.

All the cakes were very moist and had nice subtle flavors.  My favorite was chocolate, taro, lychee and black sesame.  The chocolate one I loved because it had very intense dark chocolate flavor.  The icing tasted like ganache.  The lychee and taro flavors were very authentic and real and did not taste like flavorings.  The black sesame really tasted as if I was having the Chinese black sesame soup.

I also tried their teas.  Generally I would not choose flavored teas.  However, their lychee green tea called Shanghai Lychee Jasmine, was delicious.  The lychee flavor did not overpower the jasmine green tea; the green tea itself was smooth and non astringent.  Another tea we got was the Long Island strawberry, which was a strawberry flavored black tea.    There was real dried strawberry pieces in the tea and very tasty.


Also got my supply of pineapple cakes from Taiwan.  Pineapple cakes are considered one of the delicacies from Taiwan.  Traditionally the filling is made with pineapple and winter melon, wrap within a buttery pastry.  I do not like pineapple cakes until my aunt introduced me to this particular pineapple cakes.  These particular cakes’ filling were made with real pineapple only, resulting in a sweet/tart taste with very strong and nice pineapple flavor (as compared to traditional ones had much subdued pineapple flavor because of  the winter melon, and also lack of tartness from the pineapple).  The texture was chewy as one could chew through slightly dried and sweetened pineapples (where as traditional ones had smoother texture).  The outer layer was also done superbly — buttery, crumbly and melts in your mouth.