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Terra Plata and Cupcake Royale

In Eating Out, Food, Food Product for Home on July 23, 2014 at 10:55

Terra Plata, a local sustainable restaurant in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle.


The triangular layout of the restaurant made the place fun with its inviting sliding doors opening to the street.

The heavy natural wood décor gave a very down to earth, layback feeling to the space.

DH and I came for brunch.

My curiosity led its way to their cherry drinking vinegar.

It was pungent, vinegary with very light cherry flavor and a grainy aftertaste.

Drinking vinegar had long been a folk medicine for many ailment including obesity and diabetics.

If I were to get into the habit of drinking it, I believe I would see it as “medicine” to take a shot of, rather than an enjoyment of a drink!

We waited for an unreasonably long time for our food and when we finally got our shishito peppers, they were great.


It was cooked just right, fairly spicy hot, but a little too greasy in the mouthfeel.

The lemon aioli was delicious with the addition of chives.

The heat from the peppers slowly built up as I consumed more; and I loved that these peppers did not have a strong green pepper-like flavor that I found overwhelming at times.

DH got the pork hash with cauliflower, carrots, celery and potato.

The pork was chunky, a little spicy, very savory and the poach egg was delicious.

The runny egg yolk made the dish creamy.


I had the pita sandwich with buttery fluffy eggs, sausages and arugula.

There was a “Spanish sauce” in the sandwich that was very delicious with unknown spices – perhaps cumin?

Roasted potatoes were crisp on the outer and nutty and soft inside.


Food aside and most importantly of all, it was an enjoyable and rare brunch time outing with DH that I treasured.

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I was not a crazy cupcake fan, but my sister enjoyed them.

If I were to consume cupcake, I liked New York Cupcake’s.

I only wanted to try Cupcake Royale’s red velvet ice cream as it was out in the market for a very long while now.

We killed 2 birds with 1 stone when my sister visited.


My sister got her favorite lavender cupcake, and bought the seasonal strawberry rhubarb crisp, cherry chocolate cheesecake and my favorite red velvet.

I loved the strawberry rhubarb cake with filling!

The cake was eggy, super fluffy with tart and awesome strawberry rhubarb filling.

The reason I preferred New York Cupcakes over Cupcake Royale was because of the icing.

I found Cupcake Royale’s icing often grainy, sugary and too sweet for my liking; unfortunately the strawberry rhubarb cupcake’s icing was no exception.

The cherry chocolate cheesecake cupcake minus the icing was very chocolaty goodness, visible cherry pieces was moist with nice flavor but the cream cheese icing was too cloying.


As for the red velvet ice cream, I enjoyed it a lot!

delicious sweet cream ice cream which was super buttery, thick and rich, mixed with chunks of red velvet cake.

The resulting mouthfeel was a little mealy but did not bother me.

It had the expected cocoa flavor from the red velvet and also an unexpected saltiness from the cake which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Regrettably both DH and my sister did not enjoy the mealiness of the ice cream. — good news for me!!!

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