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East and West Kefta

In Eating Out, Food on July 7, 2014 at 11:15

Lunch with my girlfriend at Garlic Crush.


I had heard that it was a great place for quick Mediterranean food on the east side; and they certainly had the business to support that.

It was packed with people in this small place.

We queued up at the counter to order our food and luckily found a table to sit during the busy business lunch hour.

I got the kefta set with lentil soup.

The lentil soup was delicious with great lemony/citrusy flavor but it was too salty for my taste.


I was very much looking forward to the kefta but it was dense and hard.

Flavor was good and I could see fresh parsley chopped in it but the texture was disappointing.

Hummus was ok but the pita was dry and thin.


The rice was not great either as it was on the hard and dry side as well.

Perhaps kefta was not their star plate or that I went on an off day?

It was certainly not a suitable place to catch up with a friend as we were told nicely to give up our table after we ate for new customers.

Garlic Crush on Urbanspoon

Had the pleasure to meet fellow blogger tofuhunter, and got a tip about Mawadda in West Seattle.


The restaurant worked like a quick food place, ordered at the counter and they brought the food out — similar to garlic crush.

Tofuhunter had told me that they had one of the best Chai as well.

I got Kefta again with Chai and Ful.

The Chai was very delicious, high in ginger and cardamom; very smooth and extremely creamy.

I had 2 cups!

It was pre-sweetened but the sweetness was not too objectionable to me.


I got the kefta as a wrap this time, and the meat was a softer than Garlic Crush’s with great flavor of parsley and other spices.

The pita was warm and fluffy with refreshing yogurt sauce, lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes.

It was fresh and tasty.


The ful was delicious with warm soft pita bread.

I saw that they offered ful on their website but the dish was not on their menu board.

Traditionally this Egyptian/Sudanese bean stew was made with fava beans.

It was hearty, earthy with mildly spiced which was soothing and comforting.

When I find myself in the West Seattle neighborhood, I would most definitely stop by if not to eat, to at least get a tasty cup of Chai.

Mawadda Cafe West Seattle on Urbanspoon