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Dur Dur Cafe Somalian Food

In Eating Out, Food on July 9, 2014 at 10:41

I read about Dur Dur Café having one of the best Chai around town, I had to go try it for myself.

Dur Dur served Somalian food that I never had — another reason to visit!


Turned out it was an interesting dining experience all together!

I met my girlfriend there at around 11:30am.

Glad that I read a little review before heading out there.

When I got there, there was no host, no one greeting us and no menu.

We were the only non-Somalian there, and the only female customers!

I went right to the back kitchen where our lovely cook was busy at preparing food.

Our lovely cook made the third female in the whole establishment.

I was sharing my dining experience with my friend who happened to be a teacher, and he had mentioned that males and females were separated among Somalians in school events as well.

What we observed at the restaurant was not unusual.

We were told that they were still serving breakfast, and lunch would change over around 12:30pm.

I suggested we had breakfast and enjoyed a cup of Chai; and when lunch came around, we would order lunch.

First off, the Chai.

It was very good — piping hot, spicy with primarily ginger and smooth.

We asked our cook and another gentleman who was helping out what they put in their Chai, but they were not keen on divulging their recipe, they just told us “spices”.

I would guess there was also clove and perhaps smaller amount of cardamom.

I would not be surprise if there was ground nuts in it as one of my cup had some beige sludge at the bottom of the cup.

It really was one of the best Chai flavor in town but it was too sweet — the Chai came pre-sweetened unfortunately.

For breakfast that day, the cook told us it was beef with beans.


The stir-fried diced beef was full of flavors of peppers, carrots, potatoes, onions and their unique spice blend, of which I could taste cumin.

It was very complex and I really couldn’t tell what other spices were there.

The stewed beans were one of the best.

Cooked with cilantro and onion, it was smooth, creamy and very flavorful.

Plain beans could taste really good!

Breakfast came with a small crispy outside and soft inside French bread similar to the Bahn Mi bread and we ate it all!

We inquired about lunch at the kitchen with the cook; I heard that they served camel meat and really wanted to try that for lunch.

Unfortunately camel meat was only available on Fridays, so I would have to go back!

That day, they offered a stewed chicken, chicken fajitas and goat meat.

Goat meat it was!

The question was whether to have the goat meat with spaghetti or rice?  and I wanted to try both!

Our cook made us both so we could try them!


Goat meat was well marinated with lots of pepper and fried to crisp yet tender, and was super delicious, it was tender and fell off the bone.

The rice was similar to Indian basmati rice and was fluffy, buttery with lots of cardamom.

The spaghetti reminded me of Hong Kong style western food where we stir-fried spaghetti and it tasted similar to that except spicy!

It was dry yet there was enough sauce to coat the noodle.

The portion was crazily generous.

I could eat the breakfast for 2 meals and the goat plate probably for 3 meals.

The Chai was so good — at the end, my girlfriend and I each had 2 cups and I bought one cup back for DH.

All these came out to be $25 total.

It was certainly cheap good eats, and a gem in Central District!
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