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Eureka! and Malay Satay Hut

In Eating Out, Food on July 18, 2014 at 15:25

Met my friend for lunch at Eureka! at the University Village.

Hadn’t been to U. Village for a while and it was absolutely booming.

Molly Moon opened up a store there, Din Tai Fung had its second Washington location, and a Starbucks Reserve store that was supposed to have food and liquor.

Eureka! had a lovely outside seating, and on a sunny day, it was fantastic!

Looked like Eureka! was a California chain restaurant, and the U village location was the first one outside of CA.

Burgers were the main stake of the restaurants, and Eureka! used all natural, no hormone and no antibiotics beef.

At the end, my friend picked the bison burger, since it was infrequently seen at restaurants and the vegetarian burger sparked my interest.

We ended up waiting for a very long time for our food, even though the restaurant did not strike me as particularly crowded on a weekday lunch time.

The waiter was really nice and brought us complimentary fries while we waited for our food.

The fries had ok flavor, on the softer side and not super crispy.

Both burgers arrived looking fantastic and the buns looked soft, nice and appetizing.

The bison meat turned out decent and the burger was well-flavored with bacon-jalapeno jam which gave some smokiness and very mild in spiciness.

The onions and peppers gave a southwest-feel to the dish.

My problem was the buns.

It was soaked with butter and made the burger greasy and heavy.

The buns themselves actually tasted a little sweet and fluffy.


The reason that the vegetarian burger peaked my interest because the patty was made with red beet and beans.

When I was in New York couple year back, I had 5-napkin burger’s vegetarian burger and it was out of this world!

The best I ever had, which incidentally also had red beet.

I remembered loving it — the color of the patty looked almost like a rare beef burger, and the texture was awesome and similar to a meat patty with great flavors.

I was hoping the Eureka! one would be a substitute to a trip to New York — unfortunately no luck.


Aside from a little sweetness and the striking purple color delivered by the beets, the patty was a bean patty that was relatively soft — resembling many other vegetarian burger patty.

Along with zucchini pickles, tomatoes, onions and arugula, overall flavor was decent, but not something I wanted to shell out $12 for.

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We had far and few Southeast Asian restaurants in the Greater Seattle area, long-standing Malay Satay Hut being one of them.

My favorite from Malay Satay Hut was their roti and chicken satay.


The roti was one of the most buttery treat there was.

It was fairly fluffy (of course, not as fluffy as the ones in Malaysia) with crisp tops and bottoms, super delicious.

Over the years, the curry sauce went through its iteration: it used to be a lighter chicken curry sauce, now it was a thicker perhaps vegetarian curry sauce with potatoes.

The curry flavor was still very nice and I enjoyed the roti all the same.

Chicken satay was another excellent dish.


I believed dark chicken meat was used and it was one of the most tender satay I had in town.

Always well marinated with garlic, turmeric and other spices, cooked to perfection with a little char, the chicken satay was a delight.

They also served beef satay which was not as fantastic as the chicken, and I had not tried the new lamb satay yet.

The chunky peanut sauce was very delicious as well with likely garlic, onion and soy, I could eat bowls of rice with just this savory additive sauce.

That particular dinner, we also had Tom Yum soup per my friend’s request, which was sweeter than my preference.

I generally stayed away from ordering anything non-Malay/Indonesian dishes at Malay Satay Hut; this was my first time having their Tom Yum soup.

I found it interesting that they used peppers which had a strong flavor that I did not associate with Tom Yum.


I also dislike the small baby corn; I found the flavor often soapy and non-food like.


We also had their Chow Kueh Teow, Malaysian fried wide rice noodle.

It was a little disappointing that night as it was a bland in flavor and just did not have the complexity of the aromatics and the flavors of the ingredients that was supposed to make this dish great.

How I missed the Malaysian food at Johur’s food court!

I could still taste the kueh teow, satays and belachan in my head!!

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