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BBQ class

In Education, Food on July 28, 2014 at 12:37

I often associated barbeque with summer – nice weather, being outside and its unique smoky aroma.

We attended a bbq 101 class at the Seattle BBQ and grilling school, tucked away quietly in an industrial park of Tukwila.

This 6-hour intro class had about 30 people.


It was quite educational and very hands on as we made many dishes from meat to vegetables to starches.

There was the introduction to the many different types of grills and smokers in the market.


We made pulled pork that was fairly tender –


We learned a little meat science as to how to trim ribs, butterfly chicken, trim brisket and burn ends — a supposedly tougher and chewier side trims of the brisket that had tremendous amount of smoke flavor, and was considered a delicacy in the bbq world.


L: trimmed brisket — R: burnt ends

I found the burnt ends very delicious and did not find it tough at all but in fact a bit fatty, a bit dry from burnt edges but intense in flavor and I much preferred that over the brisket itself.

WP_20140706_15_11_44_Pro  WP_20140706_15_11_29_Pro WP_20140706_15_05_30_Pro

A steamed rib that was done in the oven and many versions of smoked “beer can” chicken, chicken wings, tenderloin and ribs.

For vegetables, we made stuffed peppers, potatoes, squash and my favorite was the stuffed cabbage with bacon; and dessert we had grilled apples.


Cooking tips were sprinkled throughout the class, including what kind of oils to use in bbq for cleaning and cooking, setting of the burners on the grill to grill perfect T-bone steaks.

The greatest take-away from the class was to significantly moist the meat before any grilling/smoking application whether it was through brining or injection.

We grilled a huge feast and everyone had lots to eat and to bring home as well.

  1. Never heard of this place! What a unique concept.
    That brisket looks delicious. Did you add smoke flavor to anything. Or did the meat absorb smoke from the BBQ, wood chips, etc?

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