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Granville Island

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Granville Island — one of the touristic highlights of Vancouver BC.

Especially around this time of the year when the Pacific Northwest had beautiful sunny days and gorgeous colors in our surrounding.


The market was bountiful and vibrant with abundance of produce.




Seafood were other highly prized items from the Northwest.


Many food vendors also occupied the market.

Pastry shops….



Specialty pie shop…


We bought lunch at Laurelle’s Fine Foods.


The salmon pie was good with a tangy fresh beet salad.


Unfortunately my own Shepherd’s pie was better than theirs — of course I am biased!


The filling was not tomato-ey or herby enough and the mashed was a little hard and dry.

Laurelle's Fine Foods on Urbanspoon

Found ChocolaTas in the Public Market after lunch.


A few of the pieces were interesting: Kyoto cherry rose and rooibos tea. 


Their dark chocolate ganache were smooth and with lovely roasty chocolate flavors.

The Kyoto cherry rose was very nice with a hint of cherry, green tea like flavor and hint of rose.

Flavors were just right and subtle; allowing the characters of chocolate to shine.

The rooibos tea flavor in the ganache was too light and unnoticeable.

ChocolaTas might not be Thomas Haas level great, but still enjoyable.

ChocolaTas on Urbanspoon


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