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Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe

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I heard of Chaco Canyon Organic Café for  a very long time but never knew it was vegan restaurant!


The place had a lay back yet funky atmosphere.


Ordered at the counter and food and drinks delivered according to your number with self-serve seating.

It was a warm sunny day in Seattle — perfect for their fresh juices.


I loved the humorous inscription on the cup, it said, ” warning: if you consume this beverage, it may cause – dissatisfaction with processed or packaged foods – peace of mind – a cascade of healthy lifestyle choices.”

We had the immune boost juice with apple, celery, parsley, carrot and ginger; juices were fresh, heavy in celery flavor.

For food, DH had the bahn mi bowl with glass noodle and 5-spiced cold tofu with carrot, cucumbers and cilantro mint sauce.

I had the vegan mushroom quiche with chia seeds pudding.


I did not enjoy the bahn mi bowl as I thought I would, perhaps because I was very used to the Vietnamese ones with nice cool soft noodles and excellent grilled meats.

The glass noodle was a little crunchy and dry, felt like it was undercooked, or had been refrigerated after cooking which generally destroyed the texture of starches.

The vegetables and peanuts were fresh and the five-spiced tofu had very strong soy sauce and five-spiced flavor.

I could not get over the hard stewed/braised tofu pieces as it felt really heavy and salty.

The strong five-spiced flavor was very satiating and overwhelming.

Now I understood why in Chinese cuisine, these braised five-spice tofu curds were always shredded and tossed with vegetables as appetizer.

The cilantro mint sauce was beautifully done with great flavors and invigorating.

My mushroom quiche was fantastic!

The crust had awesome texture — light and crumbly, with pleasant mushroom and curry flavors.

I loved the filling texture — guessing it had some tofu in there as well.

This was my first time having chia seeds pudding.

It reminded me very much of Chinese tapioca dessert except much thicker.

The chia seed pudding was garnished with banana and roast coconut flakes.

It was very substantial and completely could stand on its own as a breakfast course for me.

While at my table, I saw the ad for this vegan hot pepper sauce, Chicaoji.


The café had many kinds of communal hot sauces for patrons and Chicaoji was one of them.

Its ingredients perked my eyes: healthy goji berries and raw cacao, along with great natural ingredients of raw agave,  raw apple cider vinegar and chipotle chili.

Goji (枸杞) berries contained rich amount of vitamins, minerals and unsaturated fatty acids, and was deemed as one of the functional food popular among healthy foods community.

Chinese used them in dishes and soups for a very long time.

The sauce was a “superfood” chili sauce and it was hot!!!

It carried an excellent smoked pepper flavor and the goji berry flavors came through prominently as well.

I am considering switching to this after I used up my sriracha.

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