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Indian Pizza and Berbere Kale Chips

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Why would I blog about Can Am Pizza?

Because our neighborhood Can Am Pizza is special!

This Can Am pizza serves Indian pizzas.

They have chicken and paneer pizzas, served with sides of yogurt and extra jalapenos if one wishes.

My favorite is the butter chicken pizza.


L: DH’s favorite Hawaiian without cheese — R: butter chicken pizza

Thick, rich, savory and spicy butter curry chicken on top of soft bready pizza crust, it was most definitely another experience to enjoy Indian food!

The pizza crust was not anything special, but it was good enough as a vehicle for the saucy butter chicken.

I tried their tandoori chicken pizza and it was decent — but I found it less unique as it tasted similar to grilled chicken pizza.

The hotness level was definitely not for spicy wimps — I usually had my mouth and ears burning with mild.

Indian pizza from Can Am was definitely one of those unique, cheap and delicious grub!

Can Am Pizza on Urbanspoon


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I LOVE kale chips!

Easy and fast to make, healthy and delicious!

I have been playing around to spice up the kale chips and really like this recipe with Berbere.

Berbere is a super versatile Ethiopian spice blend — earthy, aromatic and spicy hot!

I got the inspiration to try cooking with Berbere after reading Yes Chef.

Caution: this recipe is pretty spicy hot especially if being consumed non-stop (which was what I did)!



Berbere Kale Chips



1 bunch of curly kale

1/4 tsp salt

1.5 tsp Berbere

1 tbsp. olive oil



Preheat oven at 380F

Tear kale leaves only into bite size pieces*

Wash kale leaves and remove excess water in a salad spinner

Coat kale leaves with olive oil thoroughly

Add berbere and salt little bit at a time, mixing the spices throughout kale leaves as uniformly as possible^


Bake for 8 mins and it is done!


*I save the stalk of kale for soups

^the curly leaves make it difficult to spread the spices evenly; as a result, adding small amount and mixing evenly is essential for final eating experience



  1. Yum! I sprinkle lemon juice on my kale chips.

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