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Rain Shadow Meats Squared

In Eating Out, Food on April 21, 2014 at 10:38

Heard much about Rain Shadow Meats Squared at Pioneer Square serving food and I brought my meat-loving father there.

I first saw them in Capitol Hill’s Melrose Market and bought some pork rillet from their meat counter, and was very happy with my purchase.


R top: fresh meat for sale — R bottom: cured meats for sale or order at the shop

Essentially we went there for snack since we were all full from our late breakfast at Morsel.

We had a cured meat plate to share.


L: pork rillet — mid: sopressata — top: pate foie de porc — R bottom: speck

Most of the pates and rillets were house-made along with the mortadella.

Other meats were from other cured meat producers from California or Oregon.

We had the delicious soppressata which was citrusy, fatty but not greasy.

Their pork rillet was one of my favorite with peppery chunky pork and smooth lard.

The speck was dry, chewy, smoky and peppery with light salt.

The best part was the fat that completely enhanced the smoky flavor and just heavenly on its own.

The pate foie de porc was excellent!

It had strong liver flavor with chunky pork; it was peppery and addictive!

The meat on top gave a dense texture and the pockets of liver was soft in the middle.


L: mortadella — R: celery soda

The mortadella was very soft and light in flavor in general.

Smoke lightly and floral; the tendon part was chewy, and release delicious meat flavor as I was chewing on them.

It was fantastic.

The accompanying crackers/toasted bread were unfortunately too hard, too crunchy and too strong in burnt flavor.

They overshadowed the meat and rillet, and also hurt my palate.

The pickled onions were crunchy and vinegary, a perfect compliment to the meats and pates.

The refreshing celery soda was a new experience.

It was lightly salted but was not very strong in celery flavor.

There was a definite crispness in it and it paired really well with all the meats.

It was a fun experience with my dad in the meat shop.

The shop served many sandwiches which looked delicious on other’s tables.

I will be back to try them and I hope Rain Shadow Meats will make more of their own cured meats in the future!

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