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Northwest Tofu and Yogurtland

In Eating Out, Food on April 7, 2014 at 10:30

Doof Out

Visited one of the food specialty store in Seattle, Northwest Tofu.

This shop has been around for over 10 years, and they specialize in soy and tofu products which they wholesale to restaurants and establishment.

The place had a small area serving as restaurant.


R top: salted soy milk — R bottom: salt and pepper tofu — L bottom: Chinese fried dough

My friend and I ordered quite a few snacks that day.

I loved hot sweet soy milk, and it was silky, smooth, not very beany and sweetened just right.

My friend liked the salty kind, and it was with Chinese fried dough, sesame oil, green onions and perhaps dried shrimps.

The tofu texture of the salt and pepper tofu was amazing — once again, soft, melt-in-the-mouth, as if I was eating foie gras.

The coating they used had a very unique texture, almost a hint of gelatinous but it held the very soft tofu really well.

My only wish was that the fried tofu were flavored stronger.


Top: pot stickers — Bottom: sweet soy milk

Their pot stickers were delicious, and the wrapper texture delivered an element of surprise.

The skin was thicker and much chewier than usual — not in a bad way, just unexpected.

The filling was very soft with pork and vegetables, and it made a good contrast to the wrapping skin.

I realized I did not take a picture of my most exciting snack — sticky rice roll.

Imagine a Chinese burrito, palm’s length, steamed, with a layer of sticky rice as the outer layer, and inside was stuffed with Chinese fried dough, Chinese dried shredded pork, and salted preserved vegetables.

I grew up eating that with my Shanghainese grandmother, and Northwest Tofu was definitely one of the very few places that made this rice roll in Seattle.

The chewiness and sweetness of sticky rice was contrasted with the saltiess and crunchiness of the preserved vegetables, the crispness of the fried dough and the gritty texture of dry shredded pork.

The texture of the rice roll was enough of a fun journey in the mouth, and it made a perfect, portable and healthy breakfast.

Northwest Tofu Inc. on Urbanspoon

A little too early to think about frozen yogurt since it was still pretty cold here in the Northwest.

However, I recognized that I did not bring my father to Yogurtland, the shop that he frequented multiple times a week in his last visit; I had to bring him there.


As we were shivering from the outside cold, we noticed that they had Flavor Quest again!

The day we were there, they had the most excellent Spanish Flan flavor which was super eggy, creamy and caramelly.

There was also a black currant berry tart (representing France) that had great black currant flavor, a little buttery pie crust flavor with a little tartness from the berry representation.

The orange citrus sorbet was unique as it was a blend of 3 different citrus, orange, clementine and tangerine, resulting in a more floral, slight bitter combined citrus flavor that was very refreshing.

I had not been to Yogurtland since last summer, and seemed that they had replaced their previous coffee with a Sumatra coffee blend which had very good coffee flavor.

It was very common for coffee flavored dairy products such as ice cream and yogurt to taste more maple, brown sugar than actual coffee.

This coffee yogurt tasted like a cold cup of joe!


Yogurtland also had these cool new cookie divider.

It came in plain or chocolate flavor and they were shortbread cookie that fit inside the cup to prevent the different flavors of yogurt from mixing.

Hopefully with weather warming up soon, I may be returning to Yogurtland sooner than expected!

Yogurtland on Urbanspoon


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