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Doof Out

My friends had been telling me about RockCreek and I also saw them in press again and again.

With my parents visiting, it seemed like a perfect time to try this much raved restaurant.

I loved the architecture of the building and the cozy private dining room upstairs which I was just coveting perhaps for a great birthday party for someone.


With the oysters-loving out-of-town guests, we once again ordered oysters.


The oysters were very fresh, sweet and juicy but they were not all local.

At least one of them came as far as from Maryland.


The grilled sardine salad was delightful.

It was mixed with little bit of greens and fresh herbs; fried shallots on top gave extra flavor and texture – original, crisp and flavorful with a hint of spring.


Top: stuff pepper with crab — Bottom: spicy octopus

The stuffed peppers  with crab was creamy and sweet.

Even though the pepper flavor was very strong, the crab meat still held their ground with nice sweet crab flavor, bringing the ocean into dish.

The breading was just right, nice solid coating without being too thick and held onto the fillings really well.

The octopus was very spicy, tender and unique in flavor — a little smoky and just spicy hot!

The beans at the bottom helped cool the spiciness of the octopus.

It was such an art to make octopus this soft and tender — it was the softness of rice cake without the starchiness.

One interesting note about the menu was that it was predominantly filled with cooked fish.

There was at least 10 different cooked fish dishes; while most other seafood was in starters and small plates.

It was such a rare find in a restaurant serving so many different kinds of fish.

We got a whole roasted branzino, which was tender, sweet and lemony.


Simply prepared, fresh and tasty.

The Icelandic char was a very mild white fish, which was prepared fantastically.


Tender, soft, with crispy skin, and soaked up the flavors of the clams which were very fresh.

The dish was salted just right.


Lastly, the Normande fish stew with clams, shrimps and cod.

It was flavored exceptionally with 2 unique ingredients: pernod and sofrito.

Pernod was a liquor which had licorice flavor.

Sofrito was a braised aromatics sauce, with onions, garlics and tomatoes.

The resulting fish stew was light but with rich flavors; along with the fresh seafood, it was a very wonderful plate.

RockCreek is a fish lovers’ paradise, and I will be returning soon!

RockCreek on Urbanspoon


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