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The Walrus and The Carpenter

In Eating Out, Food on March 26, 2014 at 11:08

Doof Out

The Walrus and the Carpenter is one of my favorite restaurants in Seattle!


This small little restaurant is always packed, and I brought my parents there right when they opened at 4pm for dinner.

First off, fresh oysters!


They were all locally grown – fresh, sweet, plump and juicy.

Each of the oysters had their own unique flavors, some had slight bitter taste, while others were sweet, and some tasted like sea water.

The platter came with vinegar and horseradish as condiments.

I had always like them as-is so to taste the differences in the types of the oysters and the freshness of the sea.

At 4pm, we also got the happy hour price and that was just icing on the cake!

We ordered a few more plates to try.

My favorite was this beautifully plated smoked trout with lentil.


The lentils were soft and delicious, and the smoke trout was very tender.

I loved the smokiness of the trout — it was done just right, not overwhelming and yet imparted really great flavor.

Paired with the tartness of the well-flavored pickled onion, it was wonderful.

We had this unique soup which was an octopus consomme.


When we had the brown broth, it tasted very light in flavor, just a little seafood flavor, and we could not even pin-point it exactly to be octopus.

My parents were not too keen with it.

Then, we broke into the egg with the soup.

The soft-boiled egg’s runny egg yolk was mixed with the consomme, and the flavor profile of the soup completely changed.

It became creamy, rich and somehow the egg yolk enhanced the octopus flavor in the soup.

Paired with little bit of mint, the flavor combinations was delicate, unique and amazing.

My mother loved French onion soup, and we tried the Walrus and Carpenter’s version.


It was unfortunately still a little saltier than my liking.

Nonetheless, it was with very good flavor and certainly piping hot!

We had a fish toasts and also grilled sardine.


The fish toast was excellent.

The smooth fish paste was mixed with nice herbs, taking the flavors of the fish to another level.

The thin sliced pickled onions gave another dimension to the dish in both flavors and texture.

The grilled sardine was my Dad’s favorite.

The sardines were tender, and did not have the fishy flavor that were normally associated with sardine.

Interesting texture was added to the dish with walnuts and fresh herbs.

I have been to the Walrus and the Carpenter many times and had never been disappointed.

Seemed like they had just become one of my parents’ must-stop when they come to the States!

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