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Doof Out

Learnt about this new restaurant Westward in the magazine and brought my parents there for brunch.

What a fun place!

One of the best restaurant in recent year I would say!

It was tucked away in the quieter street near the mariner.

The view from inside the restaurant was not the greatest, but they most certainly made it up with fantastic food and whimsical décor inside the restaurant.

I loved the fire pit as a sitting area outside — lovely for those nice dry summer days we will soon get here in the Pacific Northwest!


Inside of the restaurant was nautical themed, with an adjoining small store where they sold oysters.


We ordered a few brunch plates to sample and share, followed by dessert.

We had clams, house-made wood-fired bagel and lox, and a Dungeness crab tartine.

My Dad really wanted fried eggs, so we ordered on the side for him as well.

What we concluded was that this place’s food was very unique.

I really appreciated their effort, subtle flavors and differences the chef brought into each dish to make their dishes distinctively theirs.

The fried eggs turned out to be the best dish and best fried eggs ever!!!!


It said the eggs was with salsa verde and bread crumb; and there was way more in it then they led on to, most definitely secret ingredient!

The bread crumb tasted strongly in seafood flavor, as if it was soaked or topped with something shrimpy before it was crumbled on top of the fried eggs.

They were savory, slight salty, crunchy texture and just additive.

I could eat the spoonful of bread crumbs alone!

The clams were very fresh and cooked with potatoes, copa, leek and nettle.

The flavors were really great, and we soaked up all the clam juice and sauce with our bread.

The nettle and leek gave an interesting oniony and green flavors to the dish.

The cream in the sauce was not overdone and the spiciness of the copa came through and gave a zest to the dish.


The house-made wood-fired bagel had great chewy texture.

The lox was fantastic albeit a little too salty for my taste.

The unusual part was the use of labneh, a middle eastern yogurt cheese rather than cream cheese.

Labneh delivered the sourness and flavor of a yogurt to this plate, and at the same time, imparted creaminess.

The addition of spices on top of the labneh packed some earthiness to the overall flavor.


The Dungeness crab tartine was made with very fresh crab meat.

However, I felt the delicate flavor of the crab meat were overshadowed by the aioli and seaweed sauerkraut.

Nonetheless, it was still a very delicious dish.


A shout out to the accompanying pickled vegetables in both the crab tartine and bagel.

There were pickled onions , cauliflower, carrots and cucumbers.

All have their own taste and flavor and extremely delicious.

Lastly, we ordered the Loukoumades – Greek donuts.


They were super tasty, hot and fluffy dough sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.

The best part was the honey, it was flavored with orange blossom that gave pleasantly fragrant floral and citrus flavors to the overall flavor profile of the dessert.

I will most definitely return to Westward again and looking forward to trying different dishes!

Westward on Urbanspoon


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