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Oaxaca and B and O Espresso

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La Carta de Oaxaca was my favorite Mexican restaurant in Seattle.

Most of my visiting friends and relatives from Hong Kong did not like the Americanized Mexican food because they were quite greasy with large amount of cheese and sour cream.

Inevitably, every time someone new visiting from Hong Kong or Asia, I would bring them to Oaxaca to for some authentic Mexican food.

Oaxaca had changed the minds of many of my friends and relatives.

Many of them had asked for a repeat visit to Oaxaca when they visited again.


I would have to admit even though many dishes were exceptional at Oaxaca, I had got into the rut of only ordering one item on the menu — Caldo de Pescado, a very spicy fish soup with vegetables.


Generous chunk of tender fish (I believe they were catfish), with bones were cooked with carrots, melon-type vegetables.

My ears burnt every time I had this soup but it was so so good.

The soup came with their in-house tortilla which were soft, mildly corn flavored and tasty.

It remained as an item that DH, my sister and I refused to share with anyone.

We each had our own and totally satisfied afterwards.

Since I went with my parents, my father ordered another new version of the soup, but with beef meat balls.

The meat balls were tender, soft and flavorful, and it seemed like it had the same soup base.

Since there were 3 of us, we got to order their Mole as well.


We ordered it with pork and the sauce was just delectable.

The sauce was sweet, delicious with complex flavors of cinnamon, chocolate, peppers and fairly sure with many other herbs and spices.

I really just wanted the sauce with the fluffy rice and could just skip the meat.

In the past, we also had the halibut tacos which were fresh and tasty, tacos with carne asada, and empanadas, and they were all superb.

Guacamole and chips were always a hit with their many different kinds of salsa and hot sauces.

The restaurant was always busy at night and DH just did not like to wait for food.

I had taken the habit to go for lunch which was easy to get seats, and took to-go fish soup for DH.

La Carta de Oaxaca on Urbanspoon

Since we were in the neighborhood, we also went to B&O Espresso for dessert.

We used to go to the old location on Capitol Hill which unfortunately had to close after more than 25 years of business due to new development in the area.

I was glad that they were able to find another location; otherwise, the chocolate drinks and desserts would be thoroughly missed.

My father and 100% believed that they had the best eclair in town.

Elcair was my Dad’s favorite dessert.

We went around town 2 years ago trying different eclairs.

What we found was that most éclair had whipped cream inside as filling.

The ones at B & O had a custardy cream in it.

The custardy cream made the éclair less soggy in texture, and introduced another eggy flavor dimension to the dessert.

It also had just right sweetness even for Chinese sweetness scale.

Coupled with the fantastic chocolate ganache on top, it was to die for.

L: elcair -- Top: espresso chocolate torte -- Bottom: Muddy River

L: elcair — Top: espresso chocolate torte — Bottom: Muddy River

My family also shared the espresso chocolate torte which was delicious with strong coffee flavor and velvety chocolate mousse; wrapped around with chocolate ganache, another piece of chocolate lover’s dessert!

Muddy river was a chocolate mousse infused with Grand Marnier and some other liquor and it was strong!

They did not skim out on the alcohol at all!

The mousse sat on top of chocolate cake, and again wrapped in the chocolate ganache.

Both the espresso chocolate torte and Muddy River was on the sweet side and paired really well with plain coffee or espresso.

B & O Espresso on Urbanspoon


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