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Le Zinc French

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Doof Out


Went to try Le Zinc with our out-of-town friend.

Heard that it was opened by the same folks who owned Maximilien at Pike Place, a long-standing French restaurant in the area, I had high hopes that this place would be good!

I love the modern décor of the place.

It is another bustling and yet romantic outfit fit for Valentine’s day!

The bar was prominently featured when we walked in.


Immediately knew that they would serve absinth as I spotted the traditional absinth fountain at the bar.


The menu was traditional French.

In our party, we ordered escargot, pomme Frites and Foie, and Salade de pomme for appetizers.

L: Pomme Frites & Foie  -- L Top: escargot -- L bottom: salad

L: Pomme Frites & Foie — L Top: escargot — L bottom: salad

My escargot was good with lots of garlic, parsley and butter — exactly how I loved them.

We got some bread (from Grand Central Bakery) and I ate all the garlic and almost all the butter with the bread.

The salad was very fresh and crisp, the crème fraiche dressing was lovely with a slight tang and creaminess.

The fries were done crisp and seasoned well.

It came with the intriguing bone marrow mousse for dipping, but it did not taste as beefy as expected.

My friend was also hoping for a bigger piece of foie gras.

For entrees, we had steak frites, duck confit, poitrine de porc (pork belly), and also a seared trout.

L: duck -- R top: trout -- R bottom: steak

L: duck — R top: trout — R bottom: steak

DH had the trout and it was brilliantly prepared with crispy skin, moist flesh; the fillet sat on top a delicious bed of chard.

I had the duck confit and it was also prepared beautifully – crisp salty skin and meat was moist and “dry” at the same time.

The dryness came from the fat being rendered, resulting in a “lean” feeling from the duck leg.

The beans were done a little more than my liking but still very flavorful.

My friend’s steak was done perfectly even though it was the less forgiving skirt steak — nice grill marks with fabulous herbs and grilled flavored, true medium rare, moist and tender.

I did not get to try my other friend’s pork belly as I was getting way too full.

The butter and bread from the escargot had started establishing their existence.

We still went for desserts anyway.

L: tarte au chocolat -- R top: croustade aux pommes -- middle bottom: crème brulee and L bottom: pot de creme

L: tarte au chocolat — R top: croustade aux pommes — middle bottom: crème brulee and L bottom: pot de creme

We tried all that were available.

I loved my chocolate tart.

It was very smooth with strong dark chocolate; the tart was made with walnut, which was something that I normally did not care for, but this walnut was nutty, sweet and not bitter, I absolutely enjoyed it!

There was a goat’s milk whipped  cream with the tart and it was tasty and not gamey at all.

My second favorite was the apple crumble– sweet apple, tasty with a buttery oat meal streusel, it was addictive!

The crème brulee had lovely maple flavor. and on the cremier side.

Surprisingly I liked the pot de crème least because it was more cream than chocolate to me.

They had 4 ways to make mussels on the menu.

None of us were mussels fan so we did not have any.

However, I had the full intention to bring my mother there when she visits as she likes mussels.

Another menu item we were very keen on experiencing was a whole roasted foie gras.

It said it was based on availability and it would feed 8-12 people.

We were gathering interest amongst our friends and perhaps we would pull it off!

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