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The Whale Wins

In Eating Out, Food on February 7, 2014 at 11:08

Doof Out

The long waited visit to the Whale Wins!

The restaurant was opened by the folks behind Walrus and Carpenter, which I believe was one of the top restaurants in the Seattle area.

While Walrus and Carpenter was famous for its oyster bar and I considered it a seafood restaurant, the Whale Wins was the land counterpart.

My GF and I had too much food there and all delicious.

L: clams with fennel -- R Top: cold potato salad -- R Bottom: Squash

L: clams with fennel — R Top: cold potato salad — R Bottom: Squash

We started off with a cold potato salad which was exceptional with lots of fresh herbs and likely some horseradish.

Then a squash dish that was to die for.

It was hard to believe how delicious one could make squash taste.

With beans, cheese and dried fruits, the squash was cooked to perfection and even the skin was tasty, soft and more than palatable, with the perfect balance of salt and sweet.

We had clams with fennel which was excellent, and the aromas of fennel was enjoyable.

Clams were fresh and if we had bread, I would likely dipped all the sauce with it.

We moved onto salted cod toast.


The fish paste was smooth, flavored with herbs and delicious.

I loved fish toast!

Coupled with the pickled red onions, the flavors just burst in my mouth.

The toast had perfect texture, not too hard (that would hurt the palate) and not too soft.

Lastly, we had bone marrow.


Normally I would not have ordered that on my own but it was one of my GF’s favorites.

The marrow came with the toast and the long spoon for scooping.

It literally melted in the mouth similar to melted oil/fat.

It had a strong beefy flavor with a perhaps acquired texture that was in between melted butter and yogurt with occasional gelatinous lumps.

A dish that was prepared simply and delectably with sea salt.

It was unfortunate that we did not get to try any desserts there — way too full.

I will most certainly return to the Whale Wins especially the menu changes constantly with seasonal ingredients.

Perhaps next time!

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