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The Commons and Dumplings

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Doof Out

We had a girls night out at the Commons in the quiet wine country Woodinville.

I heard that this place was opened by the same people who owned Purple Café and Wine Bar.

The place was very causal with sandwiches, burgers and biscuits to choose from their menu.

Since I did not have to drive that night, I also tried one of the delicious-sounding boozy milkshake, Feldberg.

The drink was sinfully yummy and strong!

It was made with bourbon, chocolate liqueur and coffee liqueur with ice cream and amaretto syrup.


It was super thick, cold and creamy, and I had to share this with my girlfriends since it was very substantial.

I really wanted to try their biscuits and ordered the maple braised pork belly biscuits with spinach, fried eggs and grilled onions.

I love this!

The portion was very generous and the pork belly was the lean kind which I preferred.

The maple gave a hint of sweetness to the sandwich and the egg added creaminess from its runny egg yolks.

The biscuit itself was crumbly inside and a harder tasty crust outside, it was quite wonderful!


My friend really wanted a burger, and we got the Woodinville Whiskey BBQ burger with onions and pickles.

The Commons used decent beef from Painted Hills, which were grass-fed and all natural with no added chemicals.

The burger was done just right and fairly flavorful — nothing to write home about though.

Portion was again quite huge.


We got some vegetables on the sides and they were the highlights of the night: a fried brussels sprouts with bacon, garlic, maple syrup and apple cider glaze, and a farro and spinach salad.


The brussels sprouts were awesomely delicious – sweet and salty with the smokiness from the bacon, I could eat that non-stop!

The farro and spinach salad was very creative and I thoroughly enjoyed the combination of the ingredients.

It had chopped cauliflowers, tomatoes, red onions along with the farro and spinach.

The mix of ingredients worked really well both in flavors and in texture – some crunchiness and some chewiness at the same time.

The experience was not “WOW”; on the other hand, nothing we tried had disappointed us.

It was a safe option with plenty of great drinks!

The Commons on Urbanspoon

Doof In

Discovered this WOW and amazingly delicious gyoza from our area Costco — Ajinomoto Gyoza.


Unfortunately it did not have a completely clean ingredient list, but it was really delicious.

Most importantly, every one could make perfect gyoza!

The revolutionary smart food technology was that each tray of the dumplings already came with frozen ice and oil mixture, and the company called it EZ ice.

Literally, all we needed was a hot pan, and added frozen dumplings in the pan.


The ice/oil mixture slowly melted over the gyoza, and cooked them perfectly.

I was just marveled by the fact that added frozen ice and oil mixture to the packaging seemed to be a simple thing to do, but I had not encounter a product like this until now.

It was a fantastic idea!

The instruction said it would take 12 mins to finish cooking, and I had waited longer than that.

Once all the water evaporated, the gyoza were left with the perfect crisp bottom.

The gyoza skin was very thin and with the right chewiness, and the meat and cabbage fillings were tasty with crunches from the water chestnuts.


I found the gyoza plenty salty, and skipped the sauce that came with the packaging.

Ajinomoto was famous as the producer of MSG.

I looked for MSG immediately on the package and could not find any.

However, there was the combination of disodium guanylate and disodium inosinate which were both flavor enhancers, and function similar to MSG.

If eating clean-ingredient food was important, this product was definitely not a candidate.

As an infrequent quick food, I believe this was still a great option.


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