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A Food Tour of Bainbridge Island, WA

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Doof Out

For our wedding anniversary, I had planned a get-away to a quint little town, Bainbridge Island.

Bainbridge Island is not very far from Seattle, about 30-min ferry ride from downtown.

Many people commute from Bainbridge to work in the Seattle area every day.

For me, however, it was something special — it felt as if I was travelling to an exotic location again!

Managed to snap the picture of the Seattle Great Wheel with the unintentional effect showcasing the inside of the Washington State Ferry

Managed to snap the picture of the Seattle Great Wheel with the unintentional effect showcasing the inside of the Washington State Ferry

Unfortunately after searching high and low for accommodation, I concluded that everywhere on the island was pretty expensive.

I decided to only going for food.

We walked along the main street on the island and found Blackbird Bakery.

I heard praises for this bakery for a long time and glad that I finally made the trip.

The bakery offered wide range of selections from pastries, cookies, sandwiches to full and beautiful cakes.


I got an orange cranberry ginger scone and it was fantastic.

The inside of the scone was fluffy with plenty of flavors – an overall sweet orange flavor, with zesty ginger bits and tart cranberries.

All the additions compliments the sweetness of the scone dough.

The outside was dry and had a nice harder crust, it was perfect!

Although there were plenty other lovely pastries, I told myself that restrain was necessary as a big dinner was near in sight.

Well, that thought lasted for 2 seconds.

We stepped out of the bakery, looked to our right, was Mora Iced Creamary.

I wanted to try ice cream from Mora for a very long time.

All the ice cream at Mora were made in small batches with clean ingredients.


I loved the store’s simple design, clean and sleek.

Each flavor of the ice cream was hidden in a stainless steel bucket with stainless steel lids.

I really wanted to have the goat cheese fig ice cream that day, but it was sold out.

I tried the Marron Glace – chestnut cream.

It was creamy and tasty with excellent roasted chestnut flavor; however, DH did not like it.

We settled with Maraschino cherry flavor.


I knew the cherry flavor wasn’t the freshest kind, and the color was the most unnatural, but I grew up with those little cherries on top of ice cream sundae or in canned fruit cocktail, the maraschino cherry flavor was every bit nostalgic for me.

The sweet cream flavor came through fantastically and it was very creamy.

The little snack before dinner was delicious and against all Chinese parents’ teaching, “no sweet food before dinner, you will spoil your appetite!”

I am glad that the ice cream did not do too much damage, and I was able to enjoy my 6-course tasting menu at Hitchcock (the meal was fantastic and deserved its own page…stay tune!)

On our way back, we joined the city in celebrating the Seahawks’ advancement into the NFC Championship Game, and now SuperBowl!!


Blackbird Bakery on Urbanspoon

Mora Ice Cream Co on Urbanspoon

  1. Happy Anniversary! I remember your wedding day well! 🙂

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