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Hong Kong Thai Food feat. Pork Neck Meat, Curry Softshell Crab etc.

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Doof Out

Back to Hong Kong from Southeast Asia and my Dad brought me to this amazingly great little Thai place called Thai Cuisine 泰金香小廚 for dinner.

It happened that he knew the Thai cook’s husband and we were able to get some special treat!

We started off with the fresh, delicious and extremely spicy green papaya salad with big crispy shrimps.


Then, we had 2 soups — Tom Yum,


which was light, spicy and delicious with all the herbs of cilantro, lemongrass and galangal (Thai ginger);

and a second soup (did not catch the name!),


which was cooked with this green vegetables specially imported from Thailand, ground pork, garlic and likely fish sauce.

The special vegetables tasted like a cross of spinach and pea vine, and was not available in Hong Kong market.

It was very tasty and the garlicky flavor just was irresistible!

Then, we had the tamarind fried fish.


The fish was plump and fresh, fried crispy, coupled with the sweet and tangy sauce, it was just fantastic.

I am used to this dish in North America usually made with fish that did not have much meat, and felt like I was eating crispy bones — this was heaven.

The next dish was yellow curry with soft shell crab, and it was out of this world.


Looked like that egg was mixed with the curry sauce.

Soft easily edible crab pieces with this wonderful curry sauce that was exuding lovely aromatics of herbs and spices; I could eat a whole plate of rice with just the eggy curry sauce.

This was my first time having pork neck meat as a dish.


Chinese used a lot of the pock neck bones for soup, but had not come across a dish with it.

It looked very simple, but it was one of the most tender pork I ever had.

Surprisingly, it also did not taste fatty at all (or that I could see any fat layer) — it looked like a lean piece of pork and with completely unexpected tenderness, simply grilled and unpretentious.

Lastly, we had pan-fried Hainen chicken.


Flavor was excellent and the crisp skin made the normally steamed chicken skin much more palatable.

The added slight charred flavor was a bonus to the already tasty Hainen chicken.

We were so full with all the food when left the restaurant.

I managed to get a to-go Pad Thai for DH.

At about US$5, it was one of the most wonderful Pad Thai I had for a while.

Noodles were fried with loads of flavors and managed to stay dry.

I will most certainly visit this place again the next time I am in Hong Kong!


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