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Eating Out in Singapore: Kaya, Laksa, Chili Crab

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Doof Out

Our eating tour started in the morning (thanks YB and KW!) at this coffee shop/cafe – Chin Mee Chin in the Katong neighborhood in Singapore.


I love the old style ambience and the coffees and teas were superb.


We also had the quintessential soft-boil egg, and kaya on buns.

The kaya was a jam like spread and it was made with coconut and egg.

The custardy coconut flavor was lovely and the texture was very creamy.

Some versions of kaya was green with the addition of pandan leaf.

The egg tart also looked really good and decided to try one as well.

It was very different from the ones popular in Hong Kong as the center custard was stiffer, but it tasted equally as good.

After some strong coffee and tea, we went to have Laksa.


That was the best Laksa I had ever had!

The coconut curry broth was very creamy and tasted like the sea with shrimp paste.

The broth was not smooth, and had coagulated protein in it, probably from the shrimps, shrimp paste and cockles.

My friend ordered the Laksa with cockles and it was such as treat.

The cockles were really fresh and with its blood color, it stood out in the noodle and added a nice texture to the Laksa.

Back to the soup, it had such amazing flavors and so complex with all the spices and herbs, it was literally flavors burst in the mouth!

The noodle was great — it was rice noodle, and what we called “lai fun” in Hong Kong; wider and thicker than the vermicelli, cylindrical and snappier.

Then, we had Chili crab at Long Beach Seafood Restaurant.

The restaurant had been a popular destination for seafood in Singapore for 66 years, and was credited as the creator of chili crabs.


Boy, was it fantastic!

The crabs were amazingly fresh, meaty and sweet on its own right.

The chili crab sauce was just mouth-watering.

My friends ordered it with fried buns to dip the sauce; I could probably eat the sauce alone with all the fried buns and rice.

We also got a black pepper crab and it was extremely spicy (the black plate at the back of the picture).

We also ordered steamed shrimps and clams.

The shrimps were extremely sweet.

It truly said to how great and delicious a dish can be when the ingredients were fresh — so much joy from a simple dish.

The spicy soy sauce accompanying the shrimps were great company to enhance the sweetness of the shrimps.


The clams were tasty and the clams were cooked just right with a perfect sauce.

Every meal I had in Singapore was superb and I knew I had barely begin to scratch the surface with the very short time we had there.

I shall return to Singapore for more good food!!!

  1. So jealous of your laksa! I have been craving it ever since I had it earlier this year. I’ve been trying to make it at home with pastes I’ve bought from Uwajimaya but no luck yet.

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