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Singapore Food Court

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Doof Out

We stopped by Singapore twice in our trip, to and from Malaysia.

The taxi boarder crossing experience was very interesting.

There were MANY cars and motorcycles crossing the border and yet the lines moved really fast; it felt like an efficient chaos!

We were however, stuck in traffic, and took us about 1.5 hour which without traffic would have been 45 mins.

After we checked into the hotel the first time, we were looking for food again.

Since DH was on crutches due to leg injury, we did not go very far.

I ventured out to the infamous food court in the Mall.


We got this fantastically grilled chicken wings from the food court.

They were crispy and delicious!


We shared this Teow Chau pork noodle soup with pork balls, sliced pork and pork liver.

The broth was super delicious, creamy and rich.

The spicy soy sauce on the side for dipping the meat was fantastic!

The next visit to the food court was when we returned from Malaysia.


We got the really tasty dragon fruit and mango drinks (red cups), lightly and naturally sweetened with a mild mango flavor — super refreshing.

The round white cakes on the right were tu tu cakes.

Apparently, it was a traditional snack made with rice flour of Fujian origin according to the sign at the stall.

I got the plain and ones that had red bean filling.

They were also available with coconut, chocolate and peanuts fillings.

The cakes were soft and actually very filling — mild sweetness from the rice flour, it was simple, healthy and tasty.

The best part was watching the lady made the cakes — she first scooped rice flour (and filling) into a flat flower shape mold, then invert the molds into a steamer.

We waited for several minutes, then she took out the mold, placed a piece of leaf at the bottom of the cake, and placed the cakes in the box.

I was mesmerized with the process and had completely forgot about taking video.

I did find another blog talking about tutu cakes, and the author had pictures on the equipment and process.

In the paper bags were fried doughs — one butterfly fried dough and one 3-layer fried dough.

The butterfly fried dough was similar to the sweet “au lei so” in Hong Kong.

The 3 kinds of rice cake fried dough was interesting.

It was made with a layer of rice, a layer of sweet potatoes and a green layer.

They were sweet and crispy.

My favorite was the radish cake.


I never had radish cake prepared this way.

The steamed radish cake were cut into sticks; then mixed with beaten eggs and fried on a pan.

Resulting product was more like an omelette and it was really tasty.

Lastly, shrimp noodle.


The noodle was cooked just right and the shrimps were fresh accompanied by fishballs and sambal.

The shrimp broth was strong, shrimpy and superb!


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