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Traditional Malay Breakfast and Indian dinner

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Doof Out

We had a traditional Malay breakfast at this corner store with lots of food and drinks!

The best part about visiting friends was that everything was taken care of for us.

We sat down and food were ordered; we just ate!

Hence, I was not sure whether the place was self-serve,


or that we ordered (there was also a counter behind the self-serve area with food)


We started off with Teh Tarik, sweet, milky and yum!!!!

Most everywhere in Malaysia and Singapore were also serving lots of Milo — this malty chocolate drink that I grew up with and became the love of DH.

My favorite of all the breakfast food was Lontong — a curry soup with egg, roasted coconut and rice patties with a side of sambal.


The rice patties were wrapped and cooked in banana leaf; then cut open and placed with the rest of the ingredients in Lontong.


We also had roti canai — delicious, fluffy and buttery, made fresh on a side stand in the store.

Both the curry sauce and hot sauce was spicy and absolutely delicious.


Then, we had Kacang pool.

Apparently, this was s dish adapted from the Egyptian ful (cooked fava bean dish).

Kacang pool had curry sauce, and with an egg added on top.

It was eaten with this thick piece of buttered toast as well.


Super delicious!

For dinner, we had Indian food.

I was impressed with the tandoori platter.


Aside from chicken, it contained fish, squid and lamb.

The innocent looking green pieces of chicken were by far the hottest!

All the meats were tender and flavored well with the tandoori spices.

We also had 2 different fish curries.

The curries tasted and looked different from the ones in North America even though the names of the dish was the same (fish tikka masala was one of them).

They seemed to be different as well from the curries in India, at least from what I could recall from our India trip long time ago.

Then, again, my memory might not have served me well.

It was also not hard to believe that the curries here were adapted for North Americans and the ones there were adapted for Malays.

Nonetheless, they were very spicy and delicious.

They had a special lassi, which was mango lassi topped with dragon fruit puree.

We had 2 of those to cool our palates!

  1. You just brought back so many memories, my friend. I love Teh Tarik! They sell them in packets here in Vancouver, but it’s not the same. i would’ve also settled for kopi or Milo! Also roti canai with the right sauce is amazing. Thanks for sharing! Great photos. =)

    • hello there! thanks for the lovely comment! where have you seen Teh Tarik in Vancouver? T&T? I may have to stock next time I am there even though not the same!!

      • Yes! T&T. They sell the individual packages in bulk bags. I believe there is original (my favourite) and other flavours, too. Even though it’s not the same, they’re great for packing along when traveling! All you need is hot water. =)

  2. […] was fairly fluffy (of course, not as fluffy as the ones in Malaysia) with crisp tops and bottoms, super […]

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