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Amazing Malaysian Dinner

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Doof Out

This place in Johor Bahru was fascinating.

It was an outdoor food court with stores on the outskirt of the plaza, and under the moonlight seating to the inside of the courtyard.

IMG_7813 IMG_7819 IMG_7821

My friend said that the shops in this food court area were owned by Chinese, hence pork were served and Chinese influenced Malay dishes were abundant.

We had a FEAST!

We got a lime juice with salty sour plum and DH got sugar cane juice.


DH’s sugar cane juice was delicious — light clean flavor and mildly sweet.

My lime juice drink was tart and the saltiness of the salty sour plum came through baldly.

I had to admit that it took some getting used to drinking something icy cold and salty.

For appetizer, we had pork sate, which were tender and delicious.

The satay came with yummy and chunky peanut sauce, and also rice which was wrapped and grilled in sugar cane leaves.


We also had grilled chicken wings from a stall that only did grilled chicken wings.


The wings were crisp, dry and had light soy sauce flavor.

We had a nicely fried Char Kway Teow, a stir-fry wide rice noodle with shrimp, bean sprouts and soy sauce.

Next came the oyster omelette which was a Hokkien tradition.

The oysters were fresh and the omelette was fantastically cooked without filler (lots of times, potato starch were added to bind and act as a filler agent).

It was most excellent with the accompanying sweet sour chili sauce.


The most unusual plate that night was sting ray, ikan pari.

I never had sting ray before.  The meat was very tender and sweet, and the bones were very very soft.

The dish was also very spicy.


We had kangkung belacan which was so mouth-watering and yet very spicy.


Last, we had rojak.  The Rojak was completely different from the kind I had experienced prior to this trip.

This Rojak had a dark color and was made with shrimp paste, contrary to the ones I had was with a light-colored tamarind, peanut sauce.

My friend guessed that I had Indian Rojak and not Malaysian Rojak.

The ingredients were very different as well.

The Malaysian Rojak we had had the surprising ingredient of fruit!

Some mango pieces, some “Lian Wu” or waxed apples; along with expected vegetable candidates such as cucumber and jicama, eggs and fried tofu.

The topping was pieces of dried squid from the dried squid roll.


The Indian rojak I had prior had similar ingredients but without fruit.

I was really stuffed at the end of the meal!  All that food for 4 adults and a child!

Now, if we just have that kind of food court here in the Seattle area……


  1. Wow your feast looks amazing! The place reminds me of a dai pai dong in Hong Kong, how fun. I’d love some Char Kway Teow right now, it’s one of my favorite noodle dishes 😀

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