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Eating in Malaysia: Old-Style Coffee House and Durian

In Asia, Eating Out, Food, Travel Food on November 25, 2013 at 20:33

Doof Out

First time in Malaysia and it was quite exciting!

Town was busy with hustle and bustle.

Lucky to have my old friend and local guide to bring me to eat (thanks EW)!

We started with trying out the local sweet coffee and tea, with milk at Hwa Mei in Johor Bahru.

It was a historical Chinese establishment since 1946.

The coffee or “kopi”, was roasty, strong and sweet; and the tea “teh”, was smooth and delicious.

In general, the drinks were a lot sweeter than the ones in Hong Kong.

However, the “yuen yang” or “cham” in Malay (mix of coffee and tea), were better than the ones in Hong Kong since the coffee was much tastier.


The drinks by default utilized sweetened condensed milk.

It was possible to order without milk, still sweetened, as “kopi-o” or “teh-o”; or made with evaporated milk instead of sweetened condensed as “kopi-c” or “teh-c”.

The best was the Hainen chicken chop — lovely well-flavored piece of tender fried chicken.

The Hainen chicken chop was developed by the early Hainen Chinese to please the palates of the English during British rule.


Hainenese were also credited for roasting coffee in this area that was wildly enjoyed today.

The place had old style charm: old wood work, airy with big windows at their upstairs seating.


The best part was the old style pulley system to send food and drinks to the second floor.


On our way, we found Durian stand.


I grew up eating durian in Hong Kong that were from Thailand.

My friends told me the Malaysian durian had different flavor and taste than the Thai ones.

We got 2 kinds of durian, one with smaller seeds, white flesh with very light pleasant flavor.

The other one had big seeds, deep yellow flesh and much richer flavor; locals called that “the king of cat’s mountain”.

Both types were more bitter, but in a good way, than the Thai durian.

The actual whole fruit were a lot smaller and very fragrant.

Looking forward to more eye-opening eating experience in Malaysia!

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