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Ramen and Japanese Dessert

In Asia, Eating Out, Food, Travel Food on November 20, 2013 at 16:42

Doof Out

Lunch was at Butao Ramen 豚王 and it was awesome!


This tiny shop offers simple menu, 5 kinds of ramens with 4 staples: original tonkotsu broth, black tonkotsu broth, red miso tonkotsu, and cheese and basil; and one seasonal sea salt.

Ramen can be ordered based on individual preferences: richness of soup, spiciness, noodle types, saltiness, garlickiness etc.

Since this was my first time there, I had to try the original and the “black king”.

THEY WERE SO GOOD!  did I say that already???



The tonkotsu broth was rich and creamy.  It had the thick pork bone soup mouthfeel.

I could taste a little bit of miso in the original broth.

The black broth was garlicky with lots of sesame flavor.

The ramen was cooked perfect to its chewiness, and the pork was divine!!

They were thinly sliced, tender and “melt-in-your-mouth”.

I ordered the must-have egg, and I never loved egg that much!


The minute my lips touched the egg, the egg white gave, and it just led me to a big smile — you know it was done right.

The egg yolk was totally runny and the egg was very flavorful.

The egg was likely cooked in a soy base sauce and arrived in its own separate bowl.

The shop also offered 2 side pickled vegetables that complimented the ramen super well.

One was a miso kimchi bean sprouts which was spicy, slight tart and light; the other looked like a the chinese pickled vegetable (“snow veg”) which was tasty but very salty as well.


All in all, a very satisfying lunch.

Japanese dessert at Via Tokyo followed ramen.

The shop uses Japanese Hokkaido milk for their products.


I got the green tea Anmitsu – green tea soft-serve, with agar cubes, red bean paste, tangerine and mochi bites.

Black sugar syrup was served on the side.


The dessert was perfect for me since it was not sweet.

The soft serve had intense green tea flavor and creamy smooth milkiness.

The red bean paste was very smooth, appropriately sticky.

The agar gave crunchy texture and mochi, chewiness.

All kinds of texture were experienced in one tiny bowl.

My mom got the black sugar latte.

It was very smooth and the coffee was nice and roasty.


Fantastic milk flavor and great mouthfeel.

Another successful day!

  1. Whoa, I’ve never tried ramen with such a black broth. Looks pretty tasty!

    • The black broth was extremely tasty! Look for my upcoming post from Vancouver BC, there was some excellent chicken broth ramen! stay tune!

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