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Teppanyaki, Nitrogen Ice Cream and 3D Foam Art

In Asia, Eating Out, Food, Travel Food on November 18, 2013 at 15:45

Doof Out

Got a fantastic short food tour of Tsim Sha Tsui.  Thanks MS!!

I had requested to have teppanyaki, since I could not get proper ones in the Seattle area (Benihana is NOT teppanyaki!!)

Couple months ago, I finally broke down and went to Gyu King in Vancouver BC.

It certainly was not wow, and the food was delicious due to the large quantity of butter used.

Nonetheless, it was enough to satisfy a long craving.

My friend brought me to Akita Teppanyaki 秋田鐵板燒刺身專門店  in Kowloon.

We got a 2 people set lunch and started with salad and this delicious steam egg.

It was cooked over the “teppan” (literally means iron slab) by steaming the eggs under cover.

The cook diligently added water onto the teppan to make sure there was enough steam to cook the eggs properly; resulting in a very smooth, soft egg.


We ordered abalone and oysters on the side, fresh and delicious.


The set came with shrimp that was crunchy and sweet.

We had steak and also my favorite, thin slice beef wrapped with garlic and green onion.


The meats were followed by vegetables and this fantastic looking fried rice.

It was dry, fluffy and it was definitely fusion of Chinese and Japanese as it had dried shrimps in it.

Really delicious.


Then on the street, we walked past this ice cream place – Lab Made.


Super fun!

They poured the ice cream mix at the bottom of the kitchen aid, set it to stir, then poured liquid nitrogen into the bowl.


The resulting ice cream was extremely smooth and melted in the mouth really quickly.

It felt lighter than gelato and super refreshing.


They offered about 4-5 flavors and rotated them over time.

I got the Earl Grey with fantastic tea flavor, and it literally felt like I had a frozen cup of milk tea with no ice crystal.

Lastly, a cup of cappuccino – but with 3D foam art at Allegretto Viva Espresso!!


It was soooo cute!

It took the barista almost 15 minutes to make my coffee but totally well worth the wait!

I carefully drank and savored the cappuccino.

What a wonderful afternoon!!!

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