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Tofu, Delicious French and Bird’s Nest

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Doof Out

Breakfast at this really old tofu place in the produce market.

It was so lovely to see freshly made tofu, as compared to the ones in a plastic box with a plastic seal.


I went to the store for “tofu fa” — a smooth soft tofu with syrup or brown sugar.


The tofu was smooth, dense and beany, which I adored.

The crunchiness of the brown sugar gave sweetness and additional texture to the dessert.

Healthy, simple and delicious.

The shop also sold tiny beef bun with chewy dough and well-flavored onions and beef inside.

Then, my friend treated me to awesome French food at Lot 10 (thanks JL!).

It was DE-licious!

I started eating and chatting, and had forgotten about pictures!

We had a nice, fresh, crisp green salad to start; followed by a mushroom soup that was fantastic!

Strong, intense mushroom flavor with very light mouthfeel.

Then, we had chicken with different kinds of mushrooms over rice, finished with foie gras foam.


The chicken skin was crisp and the chicken was very tasty.

It had wonderful rich flavors from the foie gras and mushrooms without being heavy.

It was a treat!

Lastly, I had a tasty pear tart.

Buttery crust with sweet slices of pear, sweetness was perfect!


It was a wonderful break to have French food among my many Chinese meals!

Doof Home

Lastly, the labor of love from my mom — bird’s nest soup.


The bowl of soup looked plain enough; but it took many hours of work to pick many tiny bird’s hair and other impurities out of the bird’s nest to make this clear sweet soup.

Bird’s nest were the saliva of a particular kind of cave-dwelling birds, call swiftlets.

The act to secure the bird’s nests was also laborous and dangerous, as the nests were mostly on vertical walls of the caves.

Bird’s nests were actually tasteless and flavorless, but the crunchy texture was amazing.

Bird’ nests were one of the many Chinese delicacies; and they were said to be very nutritious.


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