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Two Breakfasts later…..

In Asia, Eating Out, Food, Travel Food on November 10, 2013 at 13:52

Doof Out

Due to jet lag, I woke up at 5am — more than sufficient time to fit 2 breakfasts in the morning….unintentionally!

With Hong Kong dubbed “east meets west”, my breakfasts speak truth to that.

First, a nice cup of Hong Kong style milk tea.


Strong tea, smooth milk and slight sweetness, paired with one of my favorite sandwich, canned corn-beef and eggs.

Served up on plain white bread, which I had not had for eons, the sandwich was a staple in Hong Kong style tea restaurant.

Would love more canned corn beef in the sandwich from this place; but nonetheless, nostalgia set in!

Then, I trotted along with my Dad and went to dim sum for my second breakfasts.

We did not get too many plates since my Dad was really there for the tea, and I was full from my first breakfast.

The shrimp dumplings were fantastic with crispy shrimp inside; the radish cakes had plenty of radishes and savory tender chicken feet!


This dim sum restaurant where we went was an old style dim sum joint.

They had dealt away with the steam carts; and in place, dim sum order sheet that had many different dishes (each vertical line on the colorful sheet was a dim sum) with special discount for breakfast dim sum.

Far more selections than the dim sum restaruants in the Seattle area for sure.


They served dishes that I had no clue what they were.

The place was packed with people of different parties sharing table, or we said “dup toy”.

There were so many regulars in there, and they went to the back room and helped themselves with teas and water.

I managed to still have lunch, afternoon coffee at Cova,


and dinner at home.

Perhaps there will be one day in Asia that I will not feel stuffed.

An excellent problem to have.


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