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Eating in Hong Kong: Fishball Noodle Soup, Japanese Dessert and Cotton Ice

In Asia, Eating Out, Food, Travel Food on November 8, 2013 at 01:58

Doof Out

After being awake for about a day, finally arrived in Hong Kong late last night.

Wasting no time, I promptly venture out to eat today.

Sad part is, everything changes very fast in Hong Kong; couple with the fact that I have not been back frequently in the last 10 years, I no longer know where good food are at anymore.

Many restaurants that I miss and long for from growing up here were close down due to sky rocketing rent or retirement.

The bright side is that I get to explore and try new places.

Everywhere I look is food everywhere!

No wonder I love to eat.

I practically grew up surrounded by food!

It is about 4 in the afternoon and I am already stuffed and cannot think about dinner!

First thing first, REAL good fishball noodle for lunch.


My favorite of all times.

Still have not found a place in North America that is up to par to what I can find in Hong Kong.


This place in North Point area is awesome!

The fishballs and fish cakes were crunchy and full of fish flavor, not starchy.

Noodle is a little more cooked than I like but the broth was superb.

The place added my favorite dried radish in the soup, it was fantastic!

My Dad had the cuttlefish balls and the were even better than the fishballs; and I am not a cuttlefish ball fan!

The restaurant may just convert me!

Visible small pieces of cuttlefish inside the balls, and extremely fresh and pleasant cuttlefish flavor.

The crunch were just unbeatable.


I ordered some soup turnips on the side too and they were exceptional (even though the appearance may not be the best)!

The turnips were super sweet, and they soaked up all the delicious soup flavor.

Last but not least, must have hot sauce with food.

It was not very garlicky, and little more vinegary than my usual liking.

However, it was very spicy, very tasty and worked really well with the food.

We walked around a bit to buy grocery for dinner at home, and saw these very yummy-looking desserts.


The shop offered some sweet options with custard, red beans etc. and some savory options with ingredients such as ham or cheese.

The fillings were wrapped in a thin flour dough.


I bought the matcha with red bean and green tea custard.

The filling was excellent.

The dessert was not sweet at all.  The red bean paste was moist and the custard was eggy, creamy with a great balance of bitter matcha.

The dough was also mixed with matcha.  It was a little chewier than expected.

Finally, we went to this dessert shop which I am sure I will be there plenty more times before leaving here.

I had a single-minded goal to get “cotton ice”.


“Cotton ice” was similar to a sorbet, but probably even icier.

The resulting “cotton ice” was interesting in texture (see below picture close up), very light and very refreshing.

Today, I got the mango and yakult flavor “swirl” or layered together.

Mango flavor was real and fruity, and yakult was tart as expected.

I just love Chinese desserts for being light on sweetness.


Cotton ice was complimented with red bean and bubbles that had liquid yakult inside.

The dessert place had so many kinds of desserts, but I am not able to stay away from the cotton ice.

I need to venture out and try new desserts!

Perhaps tomorrow!


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