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Seattle Iron Chefs — Part II

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Doof Out

Continued from yesterday’s post….

The first course was a soup prepared by Chef Gilles Arzur with marshmallow as the secret ingredient.

It was my favorite of the night.


The chicken soup was paired with a chicken liver pate with butter brioche.

It was served with a truffle butter on the side and a dash of the truffle butter in the soup, accented beautifully with both the flavor and texture of the celery leaves.

It was rich, flavorful and luxurious.

Generous pieces of truffle in the soup and in the butter.

The sweetness of the toasted brioche paired extremely well with the strong liver flavor from the pate.

The truffle added another layer of richness to the soup.

The marshmallows were caramelized and placed on top of the soup, adding hint of vanilla and sweetness.

Second course was a salad prepared by Chef Richardson.


He drew fruit loops as his secret ingredient.

The light salad had winter squash, garlicky Brussels sprouts, walnuts and smoked blue cheese.

He grounded the fruit loops and mixed them with bread crumbs to give some gritty texture to the squash.

Some bites of the squash that had more fruit loops tasted sweet and fruity.

The pomegranate vinaigrette added sweetness and tartness to the dish.

Overall a simple, fresh and decent dish showcasing the vegetables in season with nice, colorful and thoughtful presentation.

The first 2 courses were paired with a Cakebread Sauvignon Blanc.

The wine’s fruitiness was highlighted by the blue cheese and walnuts in the salad.

Third course was a breaded veal prepared by Chef Cartumini.

His secret ingredient was gummy bears.

This veal dish was my second favorite of the night.


The veal was tender with a well-flavored focaccia crispy crust,

The veal sat on top of a huckleberry balsamic jam which complimented the meat really well but the portion of the jam was too large.

Chef Cartumini melted down the gummy bears and mixed them in with the balsamic vinegar as the curve garnish on the side of the plate.

The fruitiness of the gummy bears was really strong and it seemed to wipe all characters of balsamic vinegar aside from its color.

The Cipollini onions were sweet and delicious, but aside from the veal, the other star of the dish will be the Burrata.

It was fresh, soft with strong diacetyl flavor.

It was lovely!!

I had bites of onions and veal with the gummy bear vinegar sauce and the fruitiness worked amazingly well with both ingredients.

The fourth dish was a scallop dish prepared by Chef Bell with pig’s ear as the secret ingredient.


The scallop was roasted with fantastic flavors reminiscing of the sea, with its natural sweetness coming through.

At the bottom was a compote of apples and cranberries with excellent sweet/tart balance.

Small curl of pig’s ear was fried crisp and dry to compliment the roasted scallop and I loved it!

I would love to have a bag of the fried pig’s ear for snacks!

It was salted just right, and the thickness was just right to give both chewiness but a sense of crispiness at the same time.

Similar to a piece of well prepared thick bacon that was crisp and full of real meat texture at the same time.

The fennel puree was excellent and tasty.

He added some Starbucks Via to the side to celebrate being in Seattle.

The bitterness and roastiness worked well with the dish but the cardboard flavor did not go too well with the fresh ingredients.

The veal and scallop were paired with this awesome Meiomi Pinot Noir.

The fruity and smoky characters of the wine exhibited itself particularly fully with the veal.

The last dish was a venison prepared by Chef Sear with audience voted geoduck as the secret ingredient.


Chef Sear ended up putting all 3 secret ingredients in his dish.

The venison was rubbed with a black trumpet mushroom powder on a bed of delicious parsnip and yam purée.

The venison was too well done and under seasoned for my taste.

The geoduck was fried with a nice yuzu flavored sweet coating.

Unfortunately the geoduck were overcooked in the frying application.

How I wish the geoduck would just be sashimi!

The salsify was sliced thinly and fried as little crispy curls which paired well both in flavor and texture to the purée; and he grounded the cocoa puff as the garnish on the side.

Lastly, dessert.

Each of us received a personal 5-year anniversary cake.


The outer thin layer of butter cream was smooth, creamy and surprisingly not too sweet.

The sponge cake was more dense than my liking, but the little tart raspberry center was delicious.

I was full by the second course, and really ran out of stomach space for dessert.

I wish the dessert was something lighter and smaller after all the tasty food!

What a fun and unique evening!

I wish for more uncommon eating opportunities in the future!


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