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Doof Out

Very happy to be visiting Branzino again!

It was one of the trip-worthy Italian restaurant around Seattle.

It was a small restaurant at a corner in Belltown with romantic ambience.

I had been Branzino many times since they opened and never had a bad meal.

This recent visit, DH ordered the rabbit Tagliatelle, and I ordered 3 small dishes: wild mushroom risotto, roasted Brussels sprout with duck confit and dried cherries and calamari.


I was most intrigue by the roasted Brussels sprout with duck confit and dried cherries.

Never saw that combination before.

First, I was excited to see that the Brussels sprout were in leaves and not a whole ball.

Flavors on the vegetable was a lot more even then.

The Brussels sprouts were roasted to perfection – nice nutty flavor and crisp at times.

The duck confit was dry with nice saltiness and gamey duck flavor, simple and delicious.

The pairing of dried cherries added a tart and sweet dimension with the help of a drizzle of balsamic vinegar as well.

It was a wonderful dish.


The wild mushroom risotto was super yummy.

It was creamy and full of earthy mushroom flavors every bite.

There were at least 3 kinds of wild locally foraged mushrooms in the dish that I could taste.  Perhaps more.

The mushrooms were cooked perfect, some with the crispness and some cook tender without being too soft.

The calamari was cooked tender and flavored through and through.

What looked like simple tomato sauce had big flavors, with fresh thyme and parsley.

I could drink the sauce as soup!

Lastly, DH’s rabbit Tagliatelle.


The noodle was not as rustic as Café Lago’s, and it was still fantastic.

It had nice “bouncy” texture, or in Taiwanese dialect, we would say “Q Q”!

The flavor was deep and rich.

Strong and pleasant rabbit flavor with tomato and aromatics.

It was an excellent pasta dish!

As I was still on the path of eating less meat, I had DH left me noodles so I could enjoy the wonderful flavor of the dish.

A very satisfied and happy meal.

Until next time!

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