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Empire Ice Cream and Tazo Rest Tea

In Food, Food Product for Home on October 30, 2013 at 11:17

Doof Home

At the Eat Local store, they had Empire Ice Cream.

Empire Ice Cream is exclusive to Eat Local stores only.

There were many flavors to choose from in the freezer.

I chose the more unique flavors to try: a carrot cake ice cream and blackberry pie.


Their ingredients were amazingly good: organic milk and cream, local organic blackberries and carrots.

Just seeing such clean labels wet my appetite!

Time for taste tests.


The ice cream looked stunning.  Chunks of blackberries were visibly, small bits of carrots, pie and cake pieces.

The blackberry pie ice cream had amazing “diacetyl” flavor.

This was a term we used a lot during my days of dairy judging at University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Diacetyl is a naturally occurring organic volatile compound that gives butter its “buttery” aroma.

It was a desirable characteristics that yielded high grades for dairy products.

The cream and milk they used in this ice cream was fantastic!

The blackberries were fresh and tart.  The flavors of the pie crust was fantastic, similar to graham crackers.

The texture of the ice cream were a little icy.

I wasn’t sure if it was inherent with the ice cream or due to our longer than expected transportation time home.

Aside from the small ice crystals though, I love the light texture.

The ice cream reminded me more of sorbet than ice cream.

Aftertaste was very clean and no clogging lingering sweetness, which was great.

The carrot cake ice cream had super light flavors.

Very subtle carrot flavor, but big burst of flavors from the cake chunks.

It was wonderfully layered with cinnamon like spice flavors, coupled with the buttery dough and walnuts.

I enjoyed Empire ice cream a lot.

Ingredients were fresh and fantastic; the ice cream were also very refreshing.

DH, however, did not like the ice cream at all due to its super chunkiness.


Saw this Tazo Rest tea at Target and the ingredients were very intriguing.

It was made with lemon balm, rose petals, honeybush, orange peel, lemon myrtle, lemon verbena, licorice root, lavender, valerian root, natural flavors, ginger, orange essence

oil and Chinese geranium oil.

I loved the golden color of the tea when it was brewed.

The aroma was wonderful and very calming.

Rose was prominent with pleasant citrus, lavender and vanilla.

The flavor was consistent with the nose, with orange flavor taking the lead.

The aftertaste was clean and left a mild lingering orange flavor that was wonderful.

The tea tasted naturally sweet and it may have potential with milk.

I probably would brew a cup of double tea bags’ strength before attempting milk addition.

The tea bags lost their flavors pretty quickly.

As it stood, I could only get an 8 oz. cup out of one tea bag.


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