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Eat Local and Iyara Thai

In Eating Out, Food on October 28, 2013 at 10:52

Doof Out

Went to Eat Local for some food preparation help.

Eat Local has several locations in the Greater Seattle area that sells prepared frozen meals.

They have everything from appetizers, soups, entrees to side dishes and desserts.

They also carried frozen fish and meat for purchase.

The dishes came in different serving sizes with meat options and vegetarian options.

Their dishes are on the pricey side.

In turn, they do use fantastic ingredients such as 100% grass-fed beef, organic chicken, sustainably caught fish and local vegetables.

This was my first visit to the Capitol Hill locations. My prior visits were at the Queen Anne location.


This store was hip and fun!

Rows and rows of refrigerated cases with delicious wholesome frozen food!



The store person gave me a sample of the chicken nicoise and I was sold!

That day, I bought cottage pie and chicken nicoise.

DH gulped them all down by the time I came back from the retreat!

It is a fun place to check out!


Visited Iyara Thai in Redmond after a bit of hiatus.

Sad to find out that they have changed ownership.

They no longer serve some of the unique appetizers/street foods, which is very unfortunate.

I believe the small bites made the restaurant stood out from the rest of the many Thai restaurants around town.

One of the yummiest of these unique appetizers were these small ball shape bites that were made with ground pork, herbs and ground peanuts inside; wrapped with an opaque chewy mochi-like dough outside.

Each one of them was served on a spoon.  They were wonderful!

The menu now is the regular Thai restaurant fare, except with 2 dishes I have not seen before.

One was the Suki Haeng.

Turned out it was a stir-fry noodle dish with narrow mung bean noodle and lots of napa cabbage, shrimps and chickens.

The sauce was delicious.

The restaurant called the sauce chili bean curd sukiyaki sauce.

It tasted like Chinese fermented tofu with chili paste and perhaps sweetened soy sauce.

The flavor was strong and extremely appetizing and delicious.

There was another Suki dish as well but I was not able to see it on the online menu.


We had their Tom Yum with shrimp which was excellent: it was flavorful with lemongrass, red onions green onions, ginger and cilantro, and light.

We had a basil dish, Panang curry and Pad Thai as well, all were very tasty.

Particularly the Pad Thai was flavorful yet dry (not too saucy) and the noodles were done exactly right for their texture.


Iyara Thai Cuisine on Urbanspoon


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