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Cafe Lago

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Doof Out

Heard my friends talked about Café Lago being great for a very long time and still never been until last night!

Due to the romantic lighting in the restaurant, my food pictures did not do justice for the quality of the food.

Our friends ordered the appetizer Pomodori al Forno and they were amazing!


The garlicky toasts were very crisp and still maintained resemblance of bread.

I personally did not like toasts that were completely crunchy, hard, and cracker-like.

The roasted tomatoes were super delicious with intense tomato flavors, sweet and tart.

I felt like I ate a dozen tomatoes rather than just one roasted tomato!

The goat cheese complimented the toast and tomatoes really well.

It was just all around excellent.

I ordered the Parpadelle with pork shoulder.

I loved the texture of the pasta.


It was in the chewier camp which I preferred, and the pasta was cooked perfectly.

The tiny plate was extremely filling as the pasta was so dense.

The dish felt very home-made.

The rustic flavors of the pork shoulder was excellent with tomatoes and aromatics.

DH got the Giardiniere pizza without cheese, and with a generous amount of roasted red peppers, sliced onions, garlic, basil and tomato sauce.


The crust was thin and nice.

Personally I still prefer Veraci’s pizza crust flavor and texture, which was a little sweeter and chewier.

Our friends ordered desserts as well: panna cotta and chocolate truffle cake.

Both were fantastic.

Perfect texture on the panna cotta.

It was soft and creamy, definitely not gelatinous with excellent milky creamy flavor.

The chocolate truffle cake had deep dark chocolate flavor, smooth, creamy and decadent.

I will most definitely return to Café Lago again.

My friend mentioned that the chef sometimes made this pork sausage with pasta that was to die for.

It was not on the menu last night.

Another trip to go back and try!

There are very few Italian restaurants in the Greater Seattle that I really love.

I believe Café Lago will make it on the list!

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