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Eating Out in Portland — Viking Soul Food and Pix Patisserie

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Doof Out

Was out on a yoga retreat in OR last week with no internet and cell phone access.  More on that later.

We stopped by Portland before heading south to the retreat.  Stopped by one of my favorite food trucks, Viking Soul Food and tried out a new dessert place, Pix Patisserie which was recommended by my friend.



Viking Soul Food serves Lefse –  a rustic thin potato flatbread that was prepared on a griddle, very similar to crepe.

They serve their Lefse sweet or salty.

Normally I would have Viking Soul Food’s staple – Lefse with smoked salmon, dill crème fraiche, shallot and watercress.

I had the meat ball with surkal (sweet and sour cabbage) and cheese sauce as well which was fantastic.

Sweet Lefse varieties include lingonberries and lemon curd.

However, on that particular day, they served a special Autumn chowder that just looked too good to pass – leek, chanterelle mushrooms, squash and potatoes.

I got a side of the excellent Lefse and surkal with the chowder.


I used the warm, slightly salty Lefse for dipping the chowder and they paired so well together.

The Surkal tasted just like a colesalw with my borscht flavor!

It was sweet and sour, flavored with cumin.

The Surkal brought some lightness to the meal with its acidity.

The innocent looking amount of food exploded in my stomach right after I finished them.

I guess the Lefse expanded in my stomach exponentially!

My eyes were however, bigger than my stomach.

My friend and I headed onwards to Pix Patisserie.

Once we entered the store, it was just like a dessert Disneyland!


All the desserts were beautifully made and displayed.


They had macaroons and also chocolates for sale.

What we did not know was that they also serve food – tapas no less!


It had the staple of marinated anchovies, olives, tortilla Espanola, garlic shrimps, ham, and many more!


Unfortunately I was just way to full from the Lefse.

I got their chocolate cherry mousse for dessert.

My friend got the churros and drinking chocolate.

The chocolate cherry mousse was creamy with lovely dark chocolate flavor.

The cherry mousse flavor was subtle but the drunken cherry in the middle of the dessert was strong!

It was an upscale maraschino cherry soaked heavily in alcohol!  I felt that I could breathe fire after eating it!


Next time I have to visit Pix Patisserie with an absolute empty stomach for their tapas and the many desserts!

Viking Soul Food on Urbanspoon

Pix Patisserie on Urbanspoon


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