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Miro Tea Cafe

In Eating Out, Food on October 7, 2013 at 09:23

Doof Out

Had the opportunity to visit Miro Tea in Seattle.

Would love to spend half a day there!

Unfortunately I only had time for to-go.

I loved the comfortable earth tone in the store, with a soothing lay back atmosphere.


Their tea menu however, was intense!

Miro Tea offered more than 200 kinds of loose leaf teas in their tea menu.

The tea menu was a book-thick, with pictures of the teas, and descriptions and ingredients of each tea.


Miro Tea was definitely a destination for tea lovers!

I ordered the herbal elixir and Paradiso.

Both were very delicious.

The herbal elixir had nice herby flavor with lemongrass and citrus notes. Very strong and spicy ginger.

The spiciness lingered well into the aftertaste.

The Paradiso was extremely fragrant and fruity.

Flavors of strawberries and peach; the tea was naturally sweet and tart.

I was really impressed that the staff took the time to steep the tea properly in strainer with timer before handing over the to-go cup.

While I was waiting for my to-go teas, I observed that the “for here” teas were served In a double glass wall tea cups to keep the teas warm.

Folks who ordered full pot of teas had their teas served in glass tea pots with candle warmers.

I would also love to try their iced teas concoction.

The ingredient combinations seemed exciting and tasty.

Sadly, they stopped serving iced teas by end of September.


Other beverages included chai and tea lattés.

The shop also served sweet and savory crêpes, wraps, sandwiches, along with delicious-looking pastries and cakes.

I wish Miro Tea would open another store on the east side.

For the time being, I am aware that local Whole Foods carries Miro Tea.

I shall go check out what they have!

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  1. Come & try my 1983 Puer!

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