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Mid-way Detox Check in

In Food, Health on September 19, 2013 at 16:30

Doof Home

We are more than half way into detox.

Eight more days to go and counting down.

DH was almost at the end of his tolerance couple nights ago.

He wanted a kielbasa.  He wanted a hot dog.

I kept selling him the vegetables dishes we had at home.

The eggplant hummus that I made.

I also stir-fried some romano beans with Chinese sweet black bean sauce, and made a stew with squash and heirloom beans.

He did not want any of it.  He wanted something substantial.

He wanted cashews.

That was ended up what he had for snacks after dinner.

Me?  I want chocolate.

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.

Creamy, smooth, dark chocolate.

I have been thinking about chocolate, chocolate cookies, chocolate molten cake since the first day of detox.

We were watching TV last night and Olive Garden’s ad came on.

The shrimps and the tomatoes looked exceptionally delicious.

Soy, is the other food I really want.

I would love to just have a nice cup of soy chai right now.

I tried making chai with rice milk.

Rice milk just cannot make the cut.  The mouthfeel was very thin, and flavor was not right.

I would also love to have tofu and soy sauce, so I can cook Chinese properly.

I also really miss tomatoes.

I made a beet-carrot sauce for pasta the other night, but it did not taste quite right as everything was naturally sweet.

With the detox program, we are consuming anywhere between 1 to 3 cups of what we called “yucky stuff” every day, depending on the stage of detox.

It is basically supplements (vitamins and minerals) with bean protein and some detox compounds such as green tea extract.

The powder are meant to supplement the meals.

We, however, find the powder really unappetizing and spoil our appetite.

With my appetite spoil, I also feel loss of interest in cooking since I am no longer hungry.

Or sometimes hungry but there is nothing I want to eat.

Couple with all the restrictions, it is hard to feel jazz about cooking.

I was teasing DH as he wanted his kielbasa.

I reminded him that we talked about going vegan (honestly, I think vegetarian is more reasonable).

We will have to revisit that now!

As of now, I have promised to cook him lamb in a couple of days so he can have his substantial meat.

The benefit of detox: my body feels great.

My digestive system feels clean and I feel light, even though I have not shed a pound.

My skin feels smooth and I am mentally a lot more alert (even though physically I am tired.  My naturopath had said that is normal reaction because the body is working hard to rid any toxin out of the body).

We will have our bodies cleansed, and jump-start organ health.

I have suggested that perhaps I will cook vegetarian at home, and leave eating animal products when we eat out.

We shall see.


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