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Udupi Cafe

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Doof Out

The only place we can eat out at while detoxing is one of my favorite restaurant, Udupi Café.

Udupi Café serves vegetarian Indian, and most notably, south Indian food.

It is a no-frill restaurant serving up extremely delicious and healthy vegetarian food.

They have a great buffet lunch 7 days a week, and a la carte menu items and thali for dinner.


There are always vegan dishes at the buffet bar, with basmati rice, briyani, naan; sometimes iddly (a steam rice patty) and medhu vada (fried lentil donut).

Sambar (lentil soup) and rasam (a sour and very spicy soup) are always present.

Dishes are different all the time.  We had curry made with eggplant, green beans, beets, chayote and cauliflower.


There is almost always paneer butter masala.  I love the sauce!

They also have delicious all-you-can-drink chai!  The best part: the chai is not pre-sweetened, and can be adjusted for individual taste.

Buffet also comes with my favorite dish – masala dosas.  A mini version of it.


Dosa is a thin rice crepe with potato fillings inside.  During dinner, they also serve many other kinds of dosas, some wheat base, some have chutneys or cheese or vegetables in them.

I had dosa the very first time in Hyderabad, India.

I was impressed with the size of it.

The rolled-up rice crepes were gigantic – long (almost 2 ft.) and crispy.

Dosa and I were definitely love at first sight!

A food that looks so simple yet so delicious!

Udupi Café definitely keeps the tradition and serves the long dosas during dinner.

The potato fillings in masala dosa are creamy, smooth and flavorful.

Tomato and Coconut chutney are served on the side for dipping.

Hyderabad was where I had my first Iddly as well.

Paired up with sambar, they were great breakfast foods.

Between the two soups, rasam is my choice.  It is usually very hot (most of the times, I can feel my ear cannel burning), and I endure it because it is worth the burn!

On the weekend, buffet also includes all-you-can-drink mango lassi in addition to the chai.

There are usually a few desserts as well.

However much I love Indian food, I just cannot get used to Indian desserts as they are super sweet to me.

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  1. Good food.

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