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Annual Detox Program

In Food, Health on September 6, 2013 at 17:17

Doof Home

First day of my annual 3-week detox program.

Welcome the challenge to cook with limited ingredients!

My first experience with this detox program was about 3 years ago, based on the recommendation from my Naturopath.

We were interested in finding out whether I had any mild food allergy.

The plan was to go on this fairly restrictive diet for 3 weeks.

After that, slowly reintroduced one food at a time back to my system.

Any reaction in my body would indicate that I had mild allergy towards certain food.

At the end of the first year detox, we did find out that I am mildly allergic to dairy.

Reason why I am not having dairy every day now, but about 2 times a week with days in between consumption.

It is culinarily challenging during detox because of ingredient limitations.

Some foods are easier to let go than others.

Wheat, eggs, seafood, corn, beef, pork, dairy products, added sugar processed food, grapefruit, peanut, tuna, processed meats, alcohol, soda, and caffeinated products.

These are the easy ones.

The most difficult for me is to let go of soy-based, tomato-based products and chocolates!

Particularly, the second week of the detox program is vegetarian only.

It is difficult for me to cook without tofu or consume soy milk, especially cooking Chinese without soy sauce!!!

I found it also extremely difficult to cook delicious vegetarian without tomatoes.

I remembered the first year I did detox.  It cost me every ounce of energy!

I had lots of cravings.

I felt weak the second vegetarian week – low energy, sleepy all the time.

Recalled calling up my Naturopath and she said “go have some chicken”.

Later on, I realized that I kept removing foods I could not have, but did not think of what I needed to add back in.

We generally do not eat much nuts or beans/legumes.

Those were the perfect foods to add back in. I got smarter during the second year of detox.

I never thought I would detox again.

It was so tough getting through the first year; kept thinking that I only needed to do this once in my life and “I can do it”!!

Boy, did I feel good after 3 weeks!

Great energy, felt lighter and cleaner. It literally felt that everything bad were flushed out of my system.

Cravings had gone down after detox, and it made me really aware of what I am putting in my body.

Sure enough, I went for the second, and now the third year.

Every year I got wiser with my cooking and managed not to starve myself during detox the last go-around.

I am looking forward to new recipes and experimenting in the coming 3 weeks!


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